Machine Flu Vaccination

hpim2185Well my machine has been vaccinated for it’s ‘flu’ – to bad the owner couldn’t get a ‘no-twit’ vaccination .. yup .. it was all me this time .. I had the bloody thing threaded wrong .. and it had been threaded wrong all the time .. You see that little itty bitty tab just to the bottom on the right of the tension dial? Well the thread has to loop around that before it goes into the tension disks – I had totally bypassed that loop-de-doo .. I had actually been sewing all long with it threaded wrong and didn’t have a problem until I went to quilt – the heavier material brought the gremlins that had been just waiting oooooh so patiently out to play .. **sigh ah well .. least I managed to clean and oil it without to much of an issue :\ .. but it’s ‘fixed’ and ready to go ..  I really need to get that manual now .. Time to knuckle under and just order the blasted thing .. **pfft

I’ve been thinking about what I need to get done and sort of trying to prioritize these tasks ..

  1. laundry – reg is wearing 2 shirts and 2 pairs of socks a day for work .. yeah so my laundry is breeding before my eyes .. need to get that moving and keep it front of mind as I’m likely to be doing wash now at least twice a week, if not three times ..
  2. put erica’s top together
  3. start on matthew’s quilt – print out the foundation patterns and decide what colours to use for his ‘windows’ – dye pieces if necessary
  4. wash erica’s border fabric and muslin for dyeing
  5. dye backing for kyle’s quilt; dye borders / backing for Erica’s quilt
  6. baste all the above mentioned quilts and start quilting
  7. in between plot and sew other little giftees
  8. try and get Michigan Left quilted

So maybe getting this stuff down will help me feel more organized, because it sure seems like I had a LOT more to do than that (!) .. besides general house stuff like cleaning and cooking supper type thing .. hmmm .. I pray that nothing really important just fell into whatever black hole is yawning in my memory right now ..

Ah well .. machine is ‘fixed’ – I sort of have a battle plan .. well at least I have it written down and can start tackling it that way ..

Have a great day ..


2 thoughts on “Machine Flu Vaccination

  1. That is such a common mistake. I wouldn’t feel badly. And the Designer Viking won’t stay threaded correctly. Once helped a lady who couldn’t get her embroidery design to load on her embroidery machine. But she hadn’t put the embroidery arm on her machine. When I worked for Viking, we had people come in or call about all sorts of things. There would be just one little thing they had forgotten to do. You are doing great for someone who doesn’t have a manual. I’m glad it wasn’t something serious. Hugs, Dian


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