No Sew Sunday

S unday was no-sew .. Hard to believe, I know .. but it was .. instead I decided to play with my new yarn and make up that snowflake dishcloth. I figured that I would be able to get it done while watching football ..

I was quickly disabused of that notion .. I forgot that my casting on is usually very tight and with this pattern you start right into your cables on the first row – no foundation row – so after struggling with trying to get my stitches for the first row in, then realizing that I had dropped a few stitches along the way (I still have NO idea how I managed that!!) I ripped it out and tried again .. common sense would normally dictate that you find another method to cast on right? Right . but that would mean I would have common sense .. and well, I think it was in short supply – prolly because I really wanted to get this done!

Time passes – 2 hours and 2 more rip outs later …

By this time I had seen row 3 twice and not finished it. I finally remembered that I found that the knitted cast on works best for me .. gives a nice neat edge and my cast on row is easily worked .. so once I got to the right cast on, things went pretty quickly .. By this time I had seen row 3 twice and not finished it.


Yarn Detail

I’m thinking that this might be better worked on a circular needles at the beginning as you are casting on 158 stitches .. It’s tricky to count stitches with your needle stuffed with yarn that is looping over itself .. but those are in the basement and I had already been down there once and wasn’t sure I had a size 8 needle (altho I bet I do!) – also my middle cable needle is MIA .. so it was the itty bitty one or a larger one .. needless to day I used the larger one .. I’m thinking of also investing in the curved cable needles so my needle stays instead of me doing the knitters version of twister with my fingers .. while holding tension on my yarn LOL ..

I know I was getting tired, but was determined to get this done .. I likely made some mistakes as I was 1 stitch to many some times and rather than try to figure out where the devil I messed up, I just opted to knit or purl 2 stitches together to even it up.


Pattern Detail

Once you get going and into the flow of the pattern, it’s easy to do .. and does work up rather quickly .. not your average 2 hour dishcloth – more like four hours, but it is cute .. only thing, my middle doesn’t look like the one in the picture, but the star is there .. I didnt think that I had not counted a row, but at this time anything was possible – the other explanation is that you need to created a seam under it, but in their picture it lays flat, so I’m guessing I hadn’t counted a row, but the star pattern is in the middle ..

I figure I can get maybe 2 out of each skein of the yarn I got, and I have 2 skeins .. so by the time I get to the fourth one, I should really be rocking .. You can see the pattern detail in the one picture, while the other one shows the yarn off better .. and my tension wasn’t all that bad considering the last time I knitted was in March or April of this year and I only did dishcloths then too – heh

I’m waiting for my headache to go away before I do much of anything else .. I still need to do the math for Erica’s borders and dye the material up, and finish the small blocks for the border too.

Tomorrow my machine goes in .. and hopefully I’ll have it back the same day .. might do some other running around then .. need some mats near the doors for winter and other stuff .. Heh .. I’m drawing a blank right now ..

Have fun!!


5 thoughts on “No Sew Sunday

  1. Hah! You beat me to the finish Grace. Mine still sits on the 3rd row just as I left it days ago. Not being able to sit much has kinda put that project on hold , although I am tempted to give it a whirl standing up.
    I like the subtle flecks of colour in your yarn.
    Did you give in and buy or is this from your stash?



  2. Very pretty. And a great way to keep those hands busy. I have a blanket I started crocheting almost three years ago and still haven’t finished it.


  3. Grace,
    It’s very nice – and I’m glad that you didn’t choose yellow for a snowflake :0} I really out to try some dishcloths – but not cables. I know that there are simple patterns around that I could do in front of the TV, while icing my knee!
    Hopefully your new “baby” will get straightened out really quickly!
    Bobbie in Texas


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