Machine flu; blocks; shopping

W here to begin?? Yeah, I know .. at the beginning .. pffy 😛 okay fine .. that’s where I’ll start – soon as I find it …

Yesterday evening I got the house to my self and was planning on doing the rest of erica’s blocks, taking pics for the tutorial, and making a SM thingee for myself since I have no case for this machine – meaning no cubby holes .. so I needed a place to stash my stuff so it would be there when I need it .. instead of getting buried under fabric, moved (normally happens, but), or squirreled where I’m not thinking it should be .. All I needed to do was sandwich and quilt 2 FQs, bind it, doing a fold, then stitch in dividers .. for some stupid reason, my new machine went all loopy … seriously .. loopy .. all on the back .. for a bit there I thought the bobbin thread was breaking, but my tension appeared to be fine .. so I did more sewing – you could actually hear something ‘letting go’ as it were .. when that would happen my spool would spin like it was on speed .. so I stopped sewing, pulled back on the thread and kept my finger on it to add tension (mind you, this was after 2 hours of farting around with it .. never said I was lightening on the uptake at times) it stitched perfectly when I held the top thread – ergo .. upper tension .. well i wanted to get it in today to get looked at, but nope – Reg wanted to go shopping in Detroit okay … he had a few bribery issues and used them with a vengeance .. so that means, Tuesday is when it can go in as they are closed Sunday and Monday .. how DARE they NOT be open (pfft) .. I finally threw in the towel (or the sandwich as it were), pulled that machine down and brought the 15 back up ..

hpim2164I finally finished all of erica’s blocks after this – stupid o’clock in the morning, but they were done (!) and the rest of the pics that I missed for the tutorial are all taken as well, strips required and a change of piecing this too 😀 … Now I just have to finish up the 4″ blocks that I’m going to use for the border … easy peasy .. and I’ll do as much as I can while the dark pink fabric holds out .. Good thing i’m plotting an asymmetrical border.

hpim2170Hmmm .. I mentioned bribery didn’t I .. well of course that was a trip to Joann’s .. could have done that shopping here, but okay, I’m game .. I picked up the border fabric for erica’s quilt – same stuff I used for gran’s binding .. first time I’ve ever bought the same fabric twice .. I should have brought one of the blocks with me, but I did want dark to offset the light and the light mauve / lilac in the flowers is picked up by the lilac colours .. if I decide that this just will not do, I have a ‘spare’ yard of this fabric in my stash 😀 .. I’ve never bought the same fabric twice like this before – so you know I really like it ..

hpim2161I grabbed 5½ yards of 90″ muslin for the backing for both Kyle and Erica’s quilts .. the bahama blue dye will be for erica (and I think that I might use some bits n pieces for her border or another blue .. we’ll have to see) and the indigo is for Kyle’s backing … in total I’ll need 3½ yards in total (or there abouts) so I’ll have some more muslin to play with ..

hpim2162Val sent a link of a dishcloth she is knitting … it is soooo cool!! I just have to do this, maybe two and grabbed some cotton for this – I’ve been using (or trying to use up) the yarn that I have kicking around here, but even after blocking, my dishcloths tend to roll up .. so I relented and grabbed some cotton for this .. I don’t want this to turn out looking like a dead spider on it’s back … this has CABLES!!!! I LOVE doing cables! Even when I was a newbie knitter, I tackled cables head-on with just the basics under my belt and never looked back – I like doing cables better than a fairisle pattern on the round(!!)

Now for the other bribe .. I’ve had the same glasses since 2001 I thinks .. during my last eye exam in 03 or 04, my script didn’t change that bad, so I decided to live with it as no optical insurance and my script is VERY expensive due to my astigmatism – well I got a quote from Lenscrafters the last time we were in detroit 2 weeks ago .. they are running a 50% off sale on lenses that ends today .. so he finally decided that I would do this for ME .. and well I did 😀 .. I love my new frames – they suit me quite well .. now – to get my damn hair cut!! I’ve been trying for a week now LOL ..

2001 version | 2008 version

2001 version | 2008 version

So I think I’ve covered everything .. machine ‘flu’, erica’s blocks, tutorial pics status, yarn for snowflake, border fabric, backing fabric, new glasses .. oh and I grabbed more wonderUnder LOL ..

Oh and a magazine and 2 new books .. but I’ll post them later .. and i’ll post a tutorial soon too 🙂 .. later as meaning tomorrow or Monday

Hope your weekend is going GREAT!


6 thoughts on “Machine flu; blocks; shopping

  1. Love the new glasses and glad that you didn’t have to rob a bank to get them. I would be so thrilled to come over and cut your hair. I do have a license ya know LOL. Do you think it might be possible for you to move a bit closer to me?? Ok I had to try. Hugs, JoyB


  2. Wow, your day was more fascinating than what was on the tube tonight! 🙂 and I will say this one more time–I love what you are making for Erica! I hardly ever buy the same fabric twice either unless I have a short fall, but when I do, like you, one can be sure it is because I adore it! So sorry the new baby has to check out its warranty 😦 But better now than later! and new glasses? Wow, get a new hair cut and a boob job and your a whole new Gracie!! LOL Good luck with the dye job, just remember to keep the dye on the fabric and not on the hair!


  3. Before I read the caption on the bottom of your pics, I had decided you looked YOUNGER with the smaller (newer) glasses. Then i read the dates – Wow! Not many of us could say we didn’t age in 7 years, but you can!


  4. Wow – I really like your new glasses! True, what BJ said, that they seem to make you look younger (and that can’t be bad, eh?) Excellent that the price was right, too.


  5. The glasses look great – don’t you love getting a new look?

    I’ve got some cotton yarn I’m supposed to be knitting dishcloths with too – I did a couple for Mom and then only got 1/2 way through the 3rd one….need to get back to them after I finish up the prayer shawl I’m working on.


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