This is MUCH better …

hpim2157W ell yesterday went better .. thank you everyone for your prayers .. they were a great comfort to me. My dad was no longer in his snit (my stress level appreciates that), my seams were straight, my cutting was straight and spot on! My blocks even ended up the size **I** wanted them to be .. all is good.

I think that I’m going to do a tutorial for making this quilt .. it is really so simple! I just want to get the fabric requirements down – I didn’t totally pay attention to how much I had cut – I can guess … but, I think more accurate is preferable 🙂

Oh as for those 4″ blocks?? Simple .. they will be part of the border .. On Kyle’s quilt I played with partial pieced borders in a scrappy look, that really opened it up . I’ve drafted a few ideas that occurred to me last nite, altho not all of them, and I’ll be heading forward with these ideas in mind me thinks ..  Oh thank you everyone that offered to take these orphans into your homes LOL – These views can be clicked for a larger view

ericaborders1 ericaborder21 ericaborder3

Last nite my machine was starting to get noisy, so that generally means it’s time for a good cleaning and oiling .. I’ve still not grabbed a manual for this, so it was rather nerve racking to figure out the bobbin, but I worry to much .. first place I tried, it worked .. so all the lint and gunk is now out of my machine and it’s been oiled .. so that stopped my sewing last nite, which is fine by me

I did manage to get 21 blocks for Erica’s quilt done .. it needs 42 .. that was just 1 – 2″ strip of each colour to make half the quilt and I think that each ‘log’ used 3 strips .. but again, I didn’t really pay to close attention .. I will on this next set – I’ve already got the first strips stitched, and 2 logs of each colour cut out – I’m set to go 😀 .. How cool is that!?

OH OH OH .. I got a call from Gran this AM .. she got her quilt!! It finally was delivered on Monday, and she was going to call that nite, but fell asleep LOL .. and on tuesday and wednesday – heheheheh .. so she called today and was just so pleased with it. She really liked the idea of the flannel backing and that it wouldn’t have a lot of weight for her. She says that it’ll be great at the house in Lindsay for the winter. I guess this package took quite the trip .. went to Bobcaygeon first, then finally to Dunsford where it ended up in her mailbox .. They have the freestanding mailboxes at the lane for mail and the postie manged to stuff it in there with the rest of her mail (!!) .. I didn’t think it was possible – she says that the packaging wasn’t ripped and that no damage happened to the quilt – so that’s just GREAT! She loves it, will use it, and is very appreciative of the work that went into it!

Okay .. off to take something for my sinuses and to start sewing .. I’m coming down with a cold me thinks and am not going to let it get me down!

Have a great day!!


4 thoughts on “This is MUCH better …

  1. A tutorial?? Good for you! You know how a tutorial from me would read?
    1. start with fabric and let sit for at least two years.
    2. Being building blocks using a really easy concept.
    3. Put blocks on design wall. Decide it’s not working for you.
    4. Rearrange said blocks into a different orientation.
    5. Get an idea that’s even “better” than your original.
    6. Take down and tear apart blocks that do not fit into your new “concept.”
    7. Start another project, but think about this one a lot. Rip seams during card playing or hanging out with spouse.
    (next steps yet to be determined)

    Looking great! You rock!! 🙂


  2. I’m glad the quilt is coming along now. I think your pieced borders are fantastic so that “mistake” actually made the quilt even better!


  3. Gracie – it’s beautiful… and puzzling… all at the same time :0) I tend to favor the borders that have the pieced blocks just on two opposite corners. I think I wound up doing a lot of those type things with our RR last year – it just seemed more “planned” than when I surrounded the whole thing with pieced blocks, although that doesn’t really make much sense when I write it out.

    Great news about Gran’s quilt – I am glad to hear that she appreciates the work you put into it, and will enjoy using it!
    Bobbie in Texas


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