Dyeing to get started …

I finally got to start dyeing fabric last nite around 7:30pm .. considering I was trying to do this around 2-ish, that’s pathetic .. ah well .. what can you do .. But the important thing – fabrics are dyed and I’m ready to go ..

hpim2138Due to time constraints, I decided to do them together .. normally not a problem, but I put them in the bucket together and that didn’t allow any jiggle room .. while I still have that “dyed” look, there’s more ‘white’ spots than I normally like .. but that’s easy enough to deal with . any white-ish or light in colour ones can start in the middle of the quilt, and the darker ones travel outwards .. easy peasy! Love simple solutions like that ..

hpim2145I put my fabrics / dyes in a one gallon zip lock bag .. easier for clean up, don’t have to worry about dumping a tub out on the floor and the ‘splash oops’ is greatly reduced .. I put them in the bucket in case the bags have a leak .. I can still do 2 bags (or even 3), but I can just lay the in the sink instead of using the bucket .. the bucket is handy for holding up your bag as you pour your dye mixture in – Oh I used Dylon cold water dyes for this .. while I love dyeing, I’ve not gotten to the stage where I should buy the procion and the soda ash and and and and .. it just seems like to much fuss . altho I would be able to make gradients that way – this way I am limited to an extent. The little tins do about 1½ yards of fabric which is perfect for most projects. But I’m sure that I’ll venture to those dyeing pastures sooner or later ..

I took a pic last nite, but it didn’t really turn out all that great, so I grabbed another one of my finished fabrics just now and you can see them so much better!!

Oh Kathy on one of my lists told me that quiltingartstv.com had done a show on painting on fusible web. So I went hunting and found them and the project . they have a LOT of neat projects, but you have to register (it’s free) to view them. I emailed them yesterday and asked them about my paper sticking to the web – This AM there was an answer in my inbox (!!) How cool is THAT!! At any rate – here’s her answer:

Dear Grace,
It could have happened for a few of reasons:

  1. The webbing wasn’t totally, completely dry (but it sounds like it was)
  2. You may have used too much paint. Try diluting paint with water, then just lightly mist the WonderUnder, allow to dry thoroughly.
  3. You have a bad batch of WonderUnder. I have had this happen before, where the WonderUnder just wont release from the release/backing paper. Try just normal fusing–no paint- to est the WonderUnder and make sure it’s good quality.

Good luck!

So I’m guessing that I had it too wet, so I’ll try again (when I get new wonderunder) and lightly mist it to remove the paper .. I know the wonderunder was good as I’ve been using it on various projects and it’s worked fine, and it did dry overnite, so that leaves door #2 .. I’ll be trying that next time the paper is to hard to lift .. and less paint – being able to gauge that is just going to come with doing this a few times and getting the right feel for it.

Have fun everyone!


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