Creative Shortcircuit

H ave you ever been merrily creating / designing along when suddenly someone just pulls the rug right from under you?? Well that happened to me and rather derailed me for a few days .. plus I was in my ‘inowannacut’ phase after the big push on gran’s and kyle’s quilts. I just wanted to design and play with paints and dyes. Well I got 1⁄2 my wish .. the paints and dyes 🙂 .. but as for the designing .. I hit a speedbump and got a flat tire .. with no road service in sight!

Fan Kitty

How it happened is actually pretty innocent in itself … I asked my dad if he knew what my aunt and cousin’s favourite colours were .. (now this was before I had decided on what I was doing for my cousin – the first time). He had no clue but said he would call .. that was Friday .. They’ve vanished for the weekend .. knowing my aunt, power shopping 🙂 .. but he finally gets a hold of her on Sunday (as she’s – are you ready for this .. going out the door for shopping LOLOL) and what it came down to – one cousin (Matthew) needs a wallhanging for his apartment, my other (Erica) a lap quilt .. (oh blood hell!!!). By this time, I had already designed a wallhanging for Erica .. it was based on the fan kitties that I made for my kitty quilt. They were going to be sitting in windows and each window view would have a different season with various seasonal ‘things’ appliquéd into the background – these kitties would have been lighter than this guy .. I had drafted it up and was about ready to pull fabrics when my dad called me. I was derailed and I knew it .. So rather than pout and get all out of sorts, I decided to play with my paints and let the ideas for each percolate in the back of my brain.


Draft Idea

With Erica my dad tells me that her colours are “feminine and bright, but not vivid or intense” oh so pastels then .. no she likes them bright .. (Oh jiminybloodycricket what the hell do you mean??? Do you even know?? BAH) .. I knew I had some ‘lighter, feminine’ type dyes and I pulled them out with some pinks .. I’m going to go by my instinct instead of his ‘eye’. My dad and I have totally differing views on quilts, colours etc .. I showed him my TAWT mystery that I did for testing for Carmen, needless to say a lead balloon would have gotten a bigger lift – totally deflated me (pfft – philistine!!). I must have looked through 50+ magazines a TON of websites for inspiration – nothing kicked at me .. last nite I drafted up 4 patterns – one from quiltercache, but no way was I printing out 80 foundations for paper piecing! Then drafted up this and rather liked it, but since I hadn’t started to dye the fabrics, I rather knew this AM that it wasn’t “IT”. I ericastilesstarted to dig thru my inspiration file, randomly opening files here and there .. I rather stumbled across something and my mind started to WHIRL!!!! It’s PERFECT! Gives a nice pattern, and movement, but not totally traditional – I had to do a google search to figure out where I had gotten this from. (When I create a PDF file, I take out all unnecessary images to reduce page count – these are for my printing convenience and I’m a cheapskate when it comes to paper). At any rate .. it’s called Tile Quilt. Based on a simple 4patch design (Bobbie stop screaming .. you’re upsetting Ginger) and ‘logs’ – Oh Lordy but do I LOVE this concept .. soon as I drafted hpim2137this up in Quilt Pro, I grabbed my fabrics and headed to the basement to wash them for dyeing! Since it’s to close to supper (I’ve meat thawing in the sink), I’ll wait until after supper to dye these – These are the colours I’m going to use – the blue with fans and the dark pink will be my darks and the lilac and sea foam, the lights .. oh strip piecing . wonderful strip piecing!!!! ** heavenly sigh I’m thinking of doing the same borders for these as I did for gran’s borders .. it’s such a neat way to do them – I really like the way that this method opens up the quilt

Oh why didn’t I extend the design for Erica’s wallhanging to a lap quilt?? There’s a lot of appliqué involved in that quilt – while I don’t mind doing a bit .. I’m not an appliqué lover and would shudder in my socks and totally freak out if I had to do a whole quilt that way.

Matthew is a theatre major and works in the theatre so I was envisioning something with the comedy and tragedy masks .. I also wanted to this be an art quilt (to fit his arty self). I had a gazillion ideas floating in my head, but nothing that I could settle on at all! I was thinking of setting the masks each in their own block and doing a different technique to them; I was thinking of curved log cabins with the masks appliquéd in the center, and the logs extending into the borders – drafted up, it didn’t look at all like I envisioned – likely because the wallhanging would be so small that there wasn’t enough room for the full effect to show properly. Then I thought of doing a collage with the masks an that led to a million different ways to do THAT .. I think you see my problem here .. WAY to many ideas – I even thought of my Michigan Left as it was already basted (but I think that was more in self-defense / desperation) – I derailed myself on this one! Then in the newsletter or blog, Janet made a pattern called Through the Window .. Now THIS spoke to me .. oh hell with that .. it YELLED at me!! And it’s a nice size for a wallhanging .. I have no clue the size of his apartment, the colour of his décor, what his fiancée is going to do with stuff etc, etc, etc .. so … this looks like it will likely be Matthew’s cmas present .. Carmen has been sending me files that she’s made up and they are just awesome, I’ve even tried to adapt them to something like this (with her permission of course), and while they look awesome! They just aren’t what I want for this (Sometimes, I’m just so bloody difficult!!!) Not that I’m stressing, because I’m not and I won’t .. I’ll do the best I can do! And I think I can handle doing 12 pp patterns for this wall quilt .. I think elegant and the colourway possibilities are absolutely endless on this! For this I’m going to do bright, vivid colours – red, green, deep blue – with maybe black or a dark brown for the frame .. you get my drift (Hey dad :P~~~~)

At least I am back on track again! No longer in “inowannacut” or “inowannasew” mode .. and I’m not overwhelming myself with ideas .. I hate that when you shortcircuit yourself!


3 thoughts on “Creative Shortcircuit

  1. Wow, you put yourself through quite the whirlwind there! I love the tiles quilt and the Through the Window wallhanging is really different and cool.


  2. I think you captured “feminine and bright but not vivid and intense” perfectly Grace , and I like your pattern choice too.

    Great “artsy” choice for Matthew. It states that the inspiration for the block was a carpet but as soon as I saw it , I thought Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass style. Seems pretty “artsy” to me.
    Since it is ppd , you could add the extra lines to create the leading , if you like that look and don’t mind the extra work.
    I better duck and run now! lol



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