Painting on Fusible Web

W hile in my painting frenzy, I decided to try another technique with my paints. Painting on fusible web. Sounded super easy with dramatic results.

Instructions were pretty straight forward, paint your desired colours on your fusible web (but don’t get it to wet), let dry and press onto contrasting fabric of your choice .. in my book, Fabric Art Workshop they showed a larger motif black and white fabric. I didn’t have a larger motif one, so used what I had; zebra-like fabric and a smaller leaf motif.

I was thinking 10″ charms again and cut my fabrics out, then went for my fusible web .. DRAT .. i only have enough for 2 pieces .. Looks like I need to get more of it .. and I have spare charms – I think I’ll do more resist painting with the ones that are left

All images are clickable for a larger view in a new window

Here’s what I decided for my fusible web .. I did a rather “controlled” look with the wiggly stripes and then a blending look. I think that I left these to dry overnite .. not sure but I was doing shaving cream and all the other stuff at the same time ..

Blended look

Blended look

wiggly controlled

wiggly controlled

Here’s what the results were after I pressed it onto my fabric choices:

blended on 2 fabrics

blended on 2 fabrics

wiggly on zebra with blended (left corner)

wiggly on zebra with blended (left corner)

At this point, I can take a larger sized motif and press it onto these fabrics (using parchment paper to keep from sticking to my iron). I’ve not gone that far yet as I’m not really sure I like these .. my painted web was okay in look, but I think that these fabric choices detracted from it .. I’m not sure .. but I really don’t like these .. I had a VERY hard time getting the fusible web off the fabric, and if you look close enough, you can see that there is still paper stuck to it.

Now there are bare spots, which is okay, that’s the nature of this technique that not all the web will stick. I do have larger motif fabrics that I can use for this, but I think that these will sit until they speak to me what they need.

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again – I’m just not pleased with the look at all .. in the book it looks so much better – so it might have been my fabric choices – her fabric had more black in it and the painted web filled smaller white spaces and added colour to flowers and other abstract designs .. maybe if I grab a FQ of simliar fabric and then try again with more randomness in straight stripes, I’ll be more pleased with it .. so – one more attempt I think .. my mum always told me, to give something a fair shot, you really need to try it at least twice – so I guess I will .. I can hear my mum saying this to me

Speaking of my mum, sort of in honour of her and her 20 year battle with breast cancer, I posted this image on my blog – if you feel moved to post or share it, I know I would feel honoured.


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