Paint Resist

T oday I needed a break from cutting, measuring, piecing, measuring, cutting, piecing .. with having done the big push for Gran’s quilt and then getting Kyle’s top done – I just didn’t want to sew today at all .. well let me rephrase that .. I didn’t want to have to think today .. so I didn’t πŸ˜€ Instead I pulled out my new fabric paints and decided I was going to play instead .. well piecing n quilting is play too .. but not today.

I’ve been itching to do this for a while now, but didn’t know how I would have felt with these projects laying around with me flinging paint around .. and I finally found a use for the puppy training pads that we didn’t use up – well we stopped layout them out as she turned them into confetti instead of peeing on them .. crazy dog!

So I decided that I would do dimes – I figured that if I hate it, 10 x 10″ wouldn’t be a huge hit out of my dyeing fabrics .. and besides that gave me 4 charms per strip – the hardest part was picking what colours to use .. I had everything I needed; sponge brushes, twine, water, paint and fabric πŸ™‚ oh and a will to have some fun ..

All the pictures are clickable for larger images

Here’s the first one – I folded it in half over the string diagonally from the corners, then fipped it around, then smushed it up like a scrunchie then went nuts dabbing away with a sponge brush and diluted paints .. when I opened it up (thanx Vicki), I saw what I was afraid of .. white in the center .. ah well .. not a big deal .. I just misted it with water again .. wet my sponge brush and dabbed away again with a different fold (more like a squish) and got the final result .. I very pleased πŸ˜€


After dabbing


First Check



Here’s another one that I checked and wasn’t happy with the middle .. this was another scrunchie type fold, and while it wasn’t white, it didn’t have a lot of colour in the middle – there is way more green in the finished version than I was able to get to show in the picture ..


After dabbing


First Check



This one I colour-washed in orange first then dabbed other colours on it .. i was going for a fall look here, but it’s mostly orange with some russet -there is red and lighter yellow, but you really can’t see it all that well .. I am wondering what would happen if I redabbed it with yellow .. prolly turn oranger LOL .. ah well .. it is a pretty piece – took me about 4 pic attempts before I could get a decent looking shot of the scrunchie part


Multi-coloured orange


orange wash

This one I folded and twisted loosely and rather tied like a pretzel .. and dabbed like made in a bunch of colours, greens, purples, blues, reds, oranges .. a whole slew of them πŸ™‚ I love the result of this one – I just wish it was darker …


Pretzel Resist


Sunset wash

Now i had a few strips of WOW left over and remembered when you died them that the WOW pattern really POPPED .. well I decide to do these strips .. I’m not really pleased with the final result at all .. in fact, on the one with purple, I would rather just use the back of it LOL – the scrunchies and finished item are shown in the same order ..


pale blues / purples


dark purples / blues


blues <- purples->

Now from this I learned to not dilute my paint so much .. let the dampness of the fabric make it spread .. looser scrunchies work best me thinks – well at least until I get more comfortable and better at it – use MORE paint for darker vibrant colour .. I LOVED the looks when they were wet .. wished I would have used more paint to get a more vivid bright look .. I just LOVE doing this .. gives me a way to personalize any project with whatever look I want .. and it is super easy .. the hard part .. waiting until you can open it up πŸ™‚ No more WOW for this stuff .. either pfd or just good old plain muslin is good too ..

I also did some shaving cream marbling, but the the shaving cream still isn’t dry, so i’ll let that sit over nite and then rinse it out tomorrow

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Paint Resist

  1. Hi Grace….

    Looks like fine. I want to try some too.

    What brand of fabric paint are you using?

    Also, did you use white fabric or are you overdying already printed?

    Also, what did you use the puppy pads for? To protect your surface?

    Oh it was fun and I bet you can’t get the same look twice πŸ™‚

    I used the jacquard paints .. It was what was recommended to me by several ppl as the paint doesn’t crack or flake when it’s dry and I used just plain muslin for the material ..

    Yes the puppy pads were to protect my table .. I figured that the protective back is ‘waterproof’ and when I need it to absorb, just wipe down the back and flip it over .. And reusable too – couldn’t let them go to waste.

    You’ll have to share when you try this




  2. They all turned out great! Wasn’t it fun? They only way to learn what you like is to try it. You can overdye/overpaint anything – well, that’s my philosophy anyway. I have a stack of dyed fabrics in the basement that are waiting from some painting techniques to un-ugly them!


  3. Grace, these are beautiful. It is a good thing you are in Canada. I would steal the orange with green. It is just too yummy. Dian


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