Spinning Away …

W ith the bruha that yesterday morning, evening, nite and this morning became, I had some time to kill – and I needed to stay awake .. Normally not a problem – but yesterday (last nite??) was the exception. (see last two paragraphs for entertainment value ;))

hpim2097Last nite I got the border elements done (i think it was last nite), and now it’s measure, average and piece the rest of the border. Actually the sides weren’t to bad – 64½, 64, 64¼ – So I needed to have my borders equal 64¼ – easy peasy .. just time consuming as my border is scrappy reds – so I get it all pressed and just have to see how it looks with some of the elements in place. I like it! I’ve been wanting to extend the quilt into the borders and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so .. fits in perfectly with the design and ‘fun’ of this quilt! I wasn’t OH WOW about it – prolly because I was so blasted tired, but definitely pleased! I think that I’ve hit the right mood & feel with these borders for his quilt. Kind of fun and wonky and a wee bit off-kilter like most 13 year old boys are :). I tried to not have the same colours touching, but really blew that with the border star where both blues the same are smack next to each other. But I’m pretty sure that he won’t be critiquing my layout ..

hpim2100I’m working away and by 3:30am, I have 3 borders on .. wouldn’t you know, I got my second wind – I am so bloody cursed some days! Ah well .. I’ll put this wind to good use and get the rest of the borders on – then I can start doing the basting (again, can only be done now when he’s not home), but not today – I’m to tired to hunt for backing material right now. Of course, it dawns on me that I should have done the borders wonky and off kilter – would have been more fitting with the fun nature of this quilt. I am sooo not going to rip the borders off just to do that! It’s good as it is and I’m pleased – very pleased with how it turned out. I noticed AFTER the fact that I put the borders on backwards to how I laid it out in the first place .. (**snicker)

I was worried that the blues would be to dark and not provide enough contrast with the reds, but I managed to get luck for the most part .. especially after I grabbed those red FQs at Joann’s. now to baste it, well find a backing for it first .. bah .. then once that’s accomplished, quilting, then squirreling it away after it’s done!

Entertainment Value
For some reason my *%@!#$ dog has decided to have herself a barkfest for the past two to three days. Bad enough if I had a small to medium sized dog, but oh no, we have to have a large dog with a LARGE bark!! (**sigh). I wasn’t able to sleep last nite and didn’t get to sleep until 7am or so and fell asleep around that time .. For some stupid reason, I’m awake at 8am – roll over and go back to sleep .. next thing you know, the dog is barking her fool head off – oh the time .. 9am. Needless to say, I was NOT impressed and let her know. Two hours later, she’s barking AGAIN, this time she’s acting like there’s someone in the house (!) .. Yelling from my cozy warm bed, didn’t work, so I actually had to GET out of bed and she still wouldn’t stop barking .. finally, she stops. To say I was unimpressed would have been the understatement of the century(!!) I’m guessing that there was someone at the door. I’m also guessing they really KNOCKED / BANGED on the door .. she tends to freak out when someone POUNDS on the door .. Of course, I’m thinking this, but at that point, I would have cheerfully have murdered whoever was on the other side of the door – I was beyond FURIOUS and my thoughts relating to this person’s parentage of censored! So for their personal safety, I went back to bed .. 11am .. she’s barking again … but not the freaked out barking .. My guess, a leaf? a cat? someone walking down the sidewalk? a car passing? I finally give up around 2pm – not sure if she’s barked again, but I’m awake.

By the time I get my stuff done and dinner started, it’s to late to get kyle’s spinner pressed and laid out on the floor as he’s due anytime. I can get away with the blocks laying around or getting pieced / pressed, but not a whole top on the floor .. rather tricky to explain that .. so I have to wait until he’s in bed. So I start to design my cousin’s quilt for cmas and hunt down appliqué patterns for it. Reg calls me on the way home from work saying that he has to go in at 10pm for work – aw crap .. he’s worked all day, has basketball practice and will have no time to sleep before he has to go in, and will be working all nite – the payoff for working last nite – they would have Friday (today?) off. He gets home and has supper, watches a bit of tv, and then off to work he goes .. he was home for a whole 45 mins .. poor guy! I get a call bout 45 mins later .. guess what .. the other contractors aren’t done, so these guys have to come back in for work to start at 4:30am .. which means .. he’s to be up at 3:45am to leave for work .. which means that with his lack of sleep, he asked me to make sure he’s up and has his stuff ready for work .. what a nite to have to do that (!) I’m dragging from the dog barkfest and broken sleep. Good thing I had something to keep my occupied 😉


7 thoughts on “Spinning Away …

  1. Gracie,
    It’s gorgeous – in a 13 year old manly quilt kind-a way :0)
    I really like the way you decided to do the borders, and don’t think it makes a bit of difference whether you reversed it or not. Now, if I’d been the one “reversing it” the points of the star would have pointed to the middle of the star, instead of completing it! LOL I never do anything half-way!
    Anyway, if he doesn’t LOVE it, send it to Texas – I think it’s great!

    Thank you .. I’m still worried / concerned about the “I don’t like scrappy” remark .. But that was either gran’s quilt or my hopscotch and they are a wee bit ‘out there’ LOL

    LOL .. You prolly would .. I just didn’t pay attention at all .. For a while there I considered myself lucky to even get them together LOL



  2. Beautiful, Grace! He should love it. I like the white around
    the blocks. Really makes those spinners pop!

    Sherry in NC


  3. I LIKE these borders! I need to do more pieced ones – they’re definitely more interesting although I admit I like quilts without any borders too.

    Hi Mary – thank you!

    Those borders fit perfectly – I’ve been wanting to do a quilt where the actual quilt extends into the borders so I thought I would try for straight seam sewing on this – it opened the quilt up and added more depth – the stars added more motion and depth to the quilt as well .. I really do like these borders too 🙂 and it made the stars more ‘balanced’ with doing a scrappy border like the red star parts ..

    I really liked the idea you had (the one I did on grans’ quilt), I’ll be doing that sort of border more often!



  4. Grace! You’ve outdone yourself once again! I love the quilt! Great job!

    Oh, and they have this thing at the pet store for dogs… it’s called a muzzle…. 😉 That Orion! Makes for a great story, though (and it’s better than a run-in with a skunk). 😀 Hope you can make up the sleep.

    Hugs and love!


  5. Hi. I stumbled on your blog and enjoy the things I see. Could you tell me the source for the “spinners” quilt? I really find it fascinating and am thinking about making it for a friend.
    Thanks so much.


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