Border Elements


3rd rip

Tonite I was seriously beginning to wonder just HOW many times I would have to redo this this block .. even with being extra careful I still managed to screw it up .. **sigh oh how many times you ask? well this one block was 4 – another block was 5, and yet another block was 4 – for some reason that set of 3 blocks I couldn’t get right the first time to save my life .. and to add insult to injury? It was the same stupid mistake (!!) AAAAARGGGGGGG


Finally (!)

My plan was to have 3 different fabrics for the corner and middle squares in each block .. the corners would be the same while the middle would be different .. not only did I manage to totally flip the units around, I didn’t even follow my layout plan .. ah well – I took a break after those 3 gave me so much grief and managed to do the rest of them without any other issues .. just those 3 blocks .. pathetic .. just bloody pathetic!

hpim20941BUT I did persevere and got them done .. I noticed that I had the odd square in the wrong spot on a few of these and by this point, I was like .. I just do NOT care! I was beyond thrilled to have them together at this point .. I decided (just for fun) to not pay attention to which way the stars were going in the borders .. I think that it just adds to the fun and motion of the quilt ..

hpim2093And here is the element that I hinted at last nite but didn’t post any pictures or go into any great detail with it .. So at this point, the border elements are done .. now I have to measure my quilt, get the average cut my pieces and the fun really begins .. altho after those stupid stars, I’m thinking a root canal would be heaven!

In other quilt related goodies .. I have been working on a pattern that I designed a few years ago with leaders n enders .. well I had a sneaky idea that I had cut out 2 of these tops and tonite I finally took the time to figure that yup I did .. well rather than create 2 of the same, I’ve done another design – so there will be 2 quilts with identical fabrics, but totally different designs .. I’m not even sure that you could recognize that they are from the same block unless you looked really close .. I do like them, and am looking forward to getting them done . .all the units are together for the one, and I’m ¼ way thru the other units .. THEN I’ll piece them together 🙂


2 thoughts on “Border Elements

  1. Well, you had day today like I had yesterday 😦 You poor baby….But good news regarding the two leaders and enders! And the really good news is…tomorrow is better day with a refreshed view! and pieces that go together better for ya!


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