Border Stars

hpim2089I‘m not to sure where today went as it seems that I didn’t get as much done as I wanted (but isn’t that always the case??) – but ½ the laundry, nagging the kid, wanting to tie the dog’s tail to her whiskers does eat up time 😉 .. actually, I did spent some designing and agonizing over it (as usual :S). But I AM moving forward still and that’s a good thing!

I finalized the border design for Kyle’s quilt and spent tonite cutting part of it out .. I am going partially with the design I put up last nite, but there’s to be an added twist .. I think that it opens the quilt up more, doesn’t look busy, and creates more movement if that is at all possible (!)

I think that it’s the perfect cap to this design and is something that I’ve wanted to incorporate into one of my quilts for a while now … just hadn’t had the opportunity present itself …


2 of 12

I’ve 2 stars done following the scrappy nature of this quilt and only 10 to go – they do make up quickly, but after cutting them all out, I’m rather done for right now. so I’ve my little piles set up already, and the other fabric is waiting until I’m read for it to cut.

After this quilt, I need to get started on my giftees for my family – I’m only going to do one for my cousin and aunt – I’m thinking the snowman hoodie for my aunt, (yes I can really see her wearing it too!!), a cut fan cat wallhanging for my cousin .. my gma will get audio books again, and my uncle and cousin are a pure blank right now .. not going to mention reg or ky here as they both stick their noses in my blog .. but pretty sure it won’t be giftees other than the spinners, my cousin and my aunt ..

i still want to try and get a few Cmas tree skirts done and see what I can do with them .. carmen’s snowman for me and maybe a quick make up of the block we are working on .. **sigh . so many projects .. so little time ..


One thought on “Border Stars

  1. Time, where does it go?!!! I am loving the stars for Kyles border and especially your color choices! very bold, very bright, and very appealing 🙂 He is going to love it Gracie! and if he doesn’t, grounding for the rest of his life sounds good to me LOL


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