spinners n borders n snowmen

Now i’m happy and no longer suffering from withdrawal .. I hadn’t sewn a stitch since last Friday when I did block 5 of the spinner quilt. Saturday was spent shopping, Sunday recovering, and part of today catching up on mail, getting invaded by my dad (he’s seriously talking retirement now, so there’ll be more daddy drop-ins), doing up a mock up on a pattern that Carmen made for me .. oh and designing the borders for the spinner quilt. So, I guess I’ve been busy today .. just didn’t realize it until I typed all that out.


Block 6

Here’s Block 6, the final block for the spinner quilt. No need for me to tell you how happy I was to reach this point. And what’s even better, is I am not sick of this block yet .. normally, I’ve about had enough of a block by the time I’m done a quilt .. but I might be ready to do this one again … what’s so neat about this block, it is easily resizable for 7″, 14″, 21″ 28″ blah blah blah .. but I think that anything larger than 28″ is just plain crazy .. the center star is 6″ on it’s own in a 21″ block – that’s a pretty decent size .. made up nicely size-wise for a lap quilt me thinks ..

kyborder1Once I had gotten Block 6 done, i started to think about the borders .. Actually I was digging looking for a link to send Carmen, when i stumbled across these links here – 9patch border and Flying Geese border. I had already been thinking in the back of my mind about a sawtooth, flying geese or spinning stars border for this quilt since I had so many HST units in it .. well the flying geese border gave me an idea .. it’ll make for a super quick border and still really pull the quilt together .. Kyle’s favourite colour is red .. one of the reason’s why there’s so much red in this quilt .. now I just want these stars to float and spin .. so I decided on using a red border too .. just one border 6″ wide .. with spinning stars .. here’s a quick mock up I did of it .. I’m not even sure I have that red anymore – I do have some reds and just checked my dyes (nope – no red dyes :'(), so he’ll have to be at the mercy of whatever I have i my stash .. the spinning stars will be whites and yellows .. whatever I have .. and the border will follow the scrappy standard that I set in the quilt – meaning it won’t be all one red 🙂 so this is moving right along now.

hpim2086I did get the top all pieced and while the blue stars look really dark, I have to keep reminding myself that UofM has a darker blue – and this was taken a nite with no natural light .. I’ll see if I can Reg to hold the top up tomorrow so I can get a better shot of it ..

Oh about the snowman block .. Carmen made up a snowman block for me since I just love the bloody things .. no clue why .. I just LOVE them .. and I had a light bulb moment based on a few things that I had been thinking about, and something she had sent me earlier .. So i plotted her block into the specific look that I thinking about .. talk about GREAT fun!! I just love it when my muse hits me like that .. like a cartoon smack on the lips 🙂 and this came out looking pretty close to what I had envisioned, but not totally .. it was more a matter of me deciding the work to get it to that point would just be insane .. designing is fun .. but you still have to sew the damn thing eventually and I had to decide, did I really want to sew that .. nope 🙂 .. so it didnt go to my full vision .. just ¾ there! Good enough

So onward with the borders – if this kid doesn’t end up liking it (he made note that he’s not really crazy about the scrappy look AFTER I started this GRRR, i’ll just have to ground him for life 😉


3 thoughts on “spinners n borders n snowmen

  1. Gracue, I really like the border but…. were you deliberately making the stars spin the opposite direction from all the others? Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but it was the first thing I noticed ;0}
    It’s a really really cool border!
    Bobbie in Texas

    You know .. Another idea occurs to me .. Now stop running away LOL

    I can extend the sawtooth stars into the border too .. Not all of them .. Maybe one or two .. I think I’ll pull this into photoshop and see what else I can come up with 🙂

    Actually b/c I did these in photoshop, it just happened that way, but I do like it too 🙂

    Hugs n thanx bobbie



  2. Wow, I just the blocks and the border idea! Great design job Gracie! And I have been playing with your Snowman block in a ‘flurry of fabric’ !! Still working out the outer logs, but all is good so far LOL Easy Teasy! Doncha just wanna strangle me! LOL But I do love the block you did Kyle and like that is resizeable to bigger or smaller 🙂
    1saggiegrannie, Carmen


  3. I love this block. I would love to make it in the 24 in size. I love big blocks. I like you, the bigger the better because it takes fewer blocks and you don’t get sick of the quilt before it is finished. Would it be possible to get a copy of this pattern?

    Karen in IN


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