Spins n whirls


M y plan was to get both spinner blocks done tonite, but with it being Hallowe’en, that wasn’t possible .. Reg and I sat on the porch and gave out candy to the whole 10 kids that showed up .. Cheryl my next door neighbour was out there too, it was a gorgeous night – so I was definitely in good company .. but I can see that this is going to be a trend for the rest of the weekend .. going stateside, then the game – I’ll be whacked and maybe homicidal by the time we get home – I’ll be so sore and tired.

But I did get one spinner block done .. I only have 1 more block left .. then I get to put the top together, design the borders and then decide on backing .. you ready for this?? .. you’re gonna think I’m insane and a glutton for punishment .. I was thinking about using fleece (I’ve seen licensed fleece at joann’s) for the backing with no batting and tying it – yup – I’ve totally lost my ever loving mind! Still not to sure on it .. I’ll take a look at Joann’s tomorrow when I go, they’ve been having some nice sales on the stuff lately – so I’ll have to see what I find .. and I won’t get the backing yet .. I’m going to wait until the borders are on ..



I’ve been working on a quilt top that I cut out years ago for my leaders n enders project, and I started to move the sections around as I’ve the parts for 2 blocks done now, (same pattern as my fallabration quilt) and I’ve come up with a few ideas for it .. I just did the pinwheel one tonite and I rather like that one more than the other one .. the pinwheel just shows so much more motion .. wonder if anyone will get motion sickness from it LMAO!!!!!! ahem .. sorry .. **znerk .. the fabric (green) has ladybugs on it, so I’m calling this LadySpin in my mind .. not sure about what I picked for the borders tho, for this phase of designing, I just pick the default that pops up – very rarely do my quilts have the same border that the top was designed with .. I like the other one too (Star Lady maybe??) .. ** wonders if she has a enough fabric to do both??? I might have enough .. I remember thinking when I bought this years ago to get double in case I wanted to do another one .. that would solve my dilemma now wouldn’t it??

I’m rather feeling guilty about the fabric I picked for the Ugly Contest .. it really is UGLY, so I’m sending this one too – just to ease my conscious a bit .. that other stuff is pretty horrid, BUT there are parts I’m sure that could be used in other things ..


2 thoughts on “Spins n whirls

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! Don’t use fleece! Especially on the heels of the flannel adventure!

    Yes it feels yummy and snuggly, but oh baby will the air be blue while you’re working with it!!!

    Of course… that’s just my opinion.


    (Sure do like that block, though!)

    LOL – I was only thinking about it .. Won’t make up my mind until that time 🙂 I gots time

    LOL so I’m gonna say you say no???

    Thankyou – me too, I’m actually not sick of it yet




  2. Gracie, I am never disappointed when I check your blog. I love the spinner blocks. Someday, I want to make something like yours. You are so talented and have such a head start on me. I want to leave a legacy of quilts when I’m gone. Your lady spin is inspirational. I wouldn’t have thought to put them together that way. Star lady is so pretty. I guess I should get to work instead of browsing. Thanks for sharing your talent. Hugs, Dian


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