Shipping, lightbulbs n uglies

I couldn’t get a decent pic of the label for Gran’s quilt, so I scanned it .. I normally avoid scanning fabric as in some cases the weave shows up and no matter what tricks I try, I can’t get rid of it .. but this actually worked out. I tried this in colour at first .. the text was the same colour as the backing, but my colour ink is water soluble – even with the spray matte it didn’t work .. DRAT! I’m not sure I’ve refilled the colour yet, but the black is colour fast and it’s from the same place / same company .. so I’ll try again once my colour tank is refilled. OR I just get some colour pigma pens and colour what I want πŸ˜‰ that could work VERY well too! Oh and I shipped he quilt today .. I have the tracking number set to tell me when it ships, delivery and all exceptions … so I’ll be babysitting this every step of the way .. gotta love technology .. most days that is heh ..

I had a lightbulb moment today (well last week, but didn’t get to do anything until today) and I could just kick myself that I didn’t act upon it earlier .. after grabbing the red and yellow FQs at Joann’s the other weekend, I was having some problems with ‘randomness’ for Kyle’s spinners .. So here I am cutting and I’m thinking (in the back of my mind), for each 2 squares you put together you get 2 HSTs .. why don’t you separate them into two different piles and use them for 2 blocks instead of all these for one .. see lightbulb moment **smacks herself in forehead DUH!!!** So I spent getting all the rest of the HSTs together and squared – I managed to get the 4 corner units on one block done and just ran out of steam .. so there it all is waiting for me for tomorrow ..

I’ve discovered a quirk about my new machine (and I had the same issue with the Singer that just died too), it doesn’t do well with the line draw, stitch, stitch, cut for HSTs .. my HSTs were all wonky – so I tried it again and it was just as bad … I have to cut them, then sew them .. not a big deal for me – I used to have to do it that way all the time. with cutting it first then stitching .. my HSTs are just fine πŸ˜‰ how cool is THAT!

We’re going to be gone all day Saturday (shopping) and will be seeing the Detroit Pistons play the Washington Wizards – (Kyle doesn’t know yet and he won’t until we pull into the parking lot either) the game starts at 7:30 and we won’t be home until late. So I’m sure I’ll be whacked on Sunday like I have been every other time we head out shopping in the states. I’m going to leave Kyle and Reg at the mall an go invade Joann’s again. WOO HOOO .. already working on my list too .. it might be a good idea to write it down, no??

Severely UGLY fabric alert .. Repeat severely UGLY fabric alert!!! I got to thinking about the Ugly fabric contest in my previous post, and knew I had the perfect fabric .. This stuff is UGLY .. not sure even sure where I got it from, but I think that someone gave it to ME?! This is the type of fabric that you put on the back of wallhangings as no one ever sees it .. I almost feel guilty for sending this stuff along .. I do have another one that I pulled when i couldn’t find this one (think it knew??) that I just might send along anyways as compensation for having to look at this stuff .. I told Joy that I should send a barf bag along with it .. But this is my entry .. can you beat this for an UGLY fabric??


5 thoughts on “Shipping, lightbulbs n uglies

  1. Yes, indeed, that is certainly some ugly fabric. πŸ˜‰

    I saw the Ugly Fabric event and my first question was, “Why would I want to win this?? I’d just get a bunch more ugly fabric!” Donation to a charitable cause is a great idea, though – I think.

    Now, why can’t you sew your HSTs? Is it a “follow the line” problem? Are you going too fast? It doesn’t sound like the machine’s eating the tips… what’s the deal?

    I don’t expect to win and I certainly wouldn’t want to win .. If I did win, I’d say, donate it all LOL

    Oh it’s not eating the tips, it just pulls it wonky, even with my pressure foot pressure eased almost to darn, it just pulls .. It could be a minor adjustment, but I have no problem cutting them first … I did the super slow sew (remember I’m still getting used to this machine), yes some of the lines weren’t straight – but even the ones that were straight were ‘pulled’

    That was how I learned to do it and only started doing the draw the line, sew then cut way recently … I checked to make sure that I wasn’t pulling against it, nope .. My lines are straight too .. Well for the most part LOL .. I’m not sure if it was a matter of not knowing the machine, but no stretched HSTs with doing it the old way .. So I’m good with it πŸ™‚ .. Seems like less work that way, even tho it’s the same amount of work πŸ˜‰



  2. Miss Grace..Girl I can beat this fabric…I have several yards of the most ugly fabric EVER !
    I thought about over-dying It to use for a quilt backing.
    It’s top notch fabric, but I really don’t like it…I can see now why nobody bought
    It even though It was a Great deal…But I couldn’t pass It up, It was on sale…lol…….Cindy


  3. Bonnie at says if your fabric is ugly, you just haven’t cut it in small enough pieces. So if you won all those uglies, you’d better start cutting. =)


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