Finished Pics – Gran’s Quilt

A s promised, in daylight hours . .pics of gran’s quilt 😀

I really am pleased with how this turned out considering all the “oh craps” that happened during the final parts of her quilt. heh .. i vacuumed really good in the living room (well the whole house too), made the dog lay down her bed, checked for the location of the cats (they were in hiding still from the vacuum) and then ran for the quilt and my camera .. didn’t want to take the chance of a kamikaze cat / dog hair heading for the flannel on this quilt! I still have to get Gran’s postal addy ..I think I’ll suggest to Reg that he call her tonite and find out just WHERE she is .. if she’s at the cottage, it’s all good – maybe he can indirectly ask what she does with the cottage mail when she’s in town – does she have it forwarded??? I guess we’ll find out!

In this pic you can see some of the ‘stretchies’ that affected the middle parts of the quilt from the quilting and tieing .. but I’m not going to worry about those at all .. because it’s flannel, I’m sure that this will eventually work itself out – if not, I did my darndest to make it as ‘right’ as I could. You might be able to see some of the ‘pouffing’ around the quilting lines (diagonal again GRRRR) in the corners, but on the back where I starched the snot out of it .. not a wrinkle, pouf, nothing!! So that’s the answer to THAT issue … starch starch starch!

This pic you can see that there are NO waves along the edges anymore at all! They’re gone .. they went out to sea .. they got gathered and tossed to the wind .. LMAO .. okay .. i’ll stop **znerk .. ahem ..

I am really pleased with the end result .. Will I use flannel again – sure! Only after I starch the snot out of it, wash it twice in HOT water, pin / baste it closer than normal, and try NOT to have the flannel dogs side down .. as you know, the dogs act as an ‘easer’ for fabrics – and that with flannel is like a taffy pull in July .. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOL ..

Actually this didn’t take all that long to do .. granted it’s lap sized / twin – but I didn’t work on it steadily at all .. hmm let’s see what the actual timeline is for this quilt;

  1. Aug 14 – fabrics selected
  2. Vacation up North – gone for 9 days

  3. Aug 26 – nickels cut
  4. Aug – Sept 10th – blocks assembled by leader n ender method
  5. Oct 11 – border cut out
  6. Oct 14 – borders on
  7. Oct 21 – binding on
  8. Oct 22, 24, 25, 28 – Battle of the Flannel
  9. Oct 29 – DONE

So all in all, this wasn’t to bad timewise, I’ve only really worked at it steadily for the past 2 weeks, there were other projects on the go with this one; 1800 quilt, kyle’s spinner blocks, colour mystery (still have to do the borders on that one). I’ve not complaints .. this time – hehehehehe

At any rate .. I’ll likely be taking all these tips n pics and making a flannel FAQ – might even do that today .. we’ll see .. I have to plot my cmas giftee list still and finish piecing Kyle’s spinner quilt.

Man does this feel good .. oh I just have to do a label .. going to do some water testing with printed fabric .. worse case, I have spray matte that works as a waterproofer, or I just write on the quilt in pigma pen 🙂 .. either way . it’s all good

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Finished Pics – Gran’s Quilt

  1. Way to go Grace!!!! your Gran is gonna love this quilt. I am so happy for you that it is finished and came out so very nicely!!



  2. It is just gorgeous. I love the layout and the colors. Someday, I might make this again, but not so scrappy as what I am doing now. I like your limited palette. You’ve done a great job. Hugs, Dian


  3. From where I’m sitting , it looks darn near perfect to me!
    I’m proud of you for NOT throwing in the *ahem* flannel! lol



  4. I love this and I”m sure it will be a wonderful gift! I really want to tie a quilt – I already bought some cotton yarn and some perle cotton – it’s just a matter of finding time to do it and decide which of the above to use!


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