Calling Gran’s quilt DONE!!!

T rumpets and fanfare please .. I feel I am so deserving of it at this point .. I really do .. oh why you may ask??? Well 😀 …

NOW, I can call Gran’s quilt DONE!! It didn’t seem like it would get to this point, not with all the puckers n waves that bounced in to join the fun .. I got the binding all back on earlier tonite, and while there are still waves in it, I can live with this .. I really can .. nothing like the tsunami that were barreling around the edges before. I am so glad that for ONCE something that I tried actually worked .. everything works in your mind or on paper, but practical applications usually have a way of falling short and going :P~~~~ to you .. Another thing I can thank mum for .. she taught me the basics of sewing clothes .. now if I didn’t have that, I’m not sure I would have thought of using gather stitching to bring it in .. Thank you Mum!!

Then the puckers .. (we all know my name for this in private ;)). The starch worked like a charm .. you can even see that there were puckers here. What might give it away is the double line of quilting that you can see here .. other than that – you’d never know that it was ripped out and redone ..

Since I didn’t vacuum today and it’s darker than a witches cauldron, finished pics will have to wait until I vacuum and get some daylight .. I might end up having Kyle hold up the quilt when he gets home from school .. we’ll have to see how it goes .. but I would prefer to TRY and keep the dog n cat hair off this .. Gran doesn’t have any pets and I’m sure she doesn’t want to have me share mine 😉 .. The only thing I am waiting for now, is an answer from Aunt Barb regarding where Gran is at right now .. soon as I get that, this puppy gets packed up and off she goes to her new home .. **smacks forehead .. label .. i forgot a bloody label .. okay, simple enough .. but this is still off my ToDo list

I am a

What Flower Are You?

Oh Tracy tripped over a what flower are you thingy do on someone else’s blog, and I figured i would take the quiz .. altho Tracy is sort of challenging some of the designing minds at OST to come up with patterns for these .. guess what .. they’re applique . nope – not gonna happen here 😛 But the description of this shouldn’t surprise anyone LOL

Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”

What Flower Are You?

I mentioned last week that I won Jeanie’s Teaser on OST, but neglected to mention that this cute skinny quarter and a yardage card were waiting for me at the PO box .. Jeanie .. thank you again .. the fabric is just adorable and that card will come in VERY handy!!


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