Gathered Waves .. it worked – ish

F inally I had a chance AND the energy to work on the waves in Gran’s quilt .. I was just soooo wiped out on Sunday – it was unreal and I couldn’t believe it … I think I was asleep by midnite.

I didn’t get a chance to work on it today or even get thru all my mail since my dad wanted my help today. My dad and mum were doing work on the house slowly but surely. Well since mum’s death, dad has been trying to get the house in one piece and to get it as close to how mum would have wanted it .. so for these excursions, he asks for my help .. granted do warn him that while mum and I thought alike in some cases, we were total bloody opposites in others – he goes that’s okay .. you actually come up with some good ideas now and again – gee thanx dad .. pfft LOL gotta love my dad .. so today we went and looked at interior doors – then i bought some tickets for the Pistons – Wizards game for next Sat – I’m not telling Kyle, he’ll find out when we pull into the Palace parking lol LOL .. we are dragging him to the outlet malls for Cmas plotting and clothes sizing (I get a Joann’s trip out of it of course)

So i buy these online with dad’s credit card and picked Cdn will call thinking that I can get them here .. yeah right (I won’t bore you with the details .. I’ll just get aggravated again – Customer service my great aunt sally’s big toe!) .. needless to say, 3 hours later, it finally got straightened out, but I’m sitll waiting for the email to print them … If I don’t have it by the time I get up, I’ll be calling them again ..

When things calm down I grab Gran’s quilt and rip apart the rest of the binding where I need to get to the inner seam – I did the first seam with my machine with the zigzagging over a thread trick .. that didn’t work as well as I would have liked .. maybe because I did the whole side and it was a larger area than you would normally do for gathers?? For the other 3 sides I just picked where I needed to. I used some hand quilting thread and used a larger knot so it wouldn’t pull thru easily. Hand quilting thread because it’s thicker, isn’t slick in finish so it ‘sticks’ to the fabric, and I knew I could get some sizable knots with minimal effort. I’ve actually got 3 sides totally fixed and the binding back down. That leaves just the one long side to redo the binding on .. that’s the one that didn’t work so well, I might just do some spot basting / gathering to see how that works. Pucker fixes are next, then in the wash she goes, then hopefully in a shipping bag and off to her new home (!) That would be so cool if I can do it before Friday ..

I knew that the gathering wouldn’t get rid of the waves entirely, but tame it down to ripples .. and that’s exactly what happened .. doncha just LOVE when something actually works (!) Fancy that novel idea!! There’s a few that are still ‘waves’, but not tsunami, and I can honestly live with these as they are .. it’s 90% improvement easily!

I’ve emailed Aunt Barb to find out exactly where Gran is right now – town or the cottage – so I’m hoping to be able to ship that off this week.

I so wanted to be able to play with the paints and stuff I got last weekend, but that didn’t happen . I do want to get the rest of the blocks done for kyle’s quilt too .. oh I picked up some shaving cream, so marbling is in the near future along with discharging, dyeing and painting ..

oh what FUN!!

I’m off – it’s 2:15 and I’m tired .. time for my read before sleep (almost done with Stalker and then I can start my new books) and then back at it again tomorrow .. I’m really hoping to actually be able to read my email tomorrow .. I was only able to get a bit of list email done and personal .. (**sigh) I love my dad .. I really do – hehehehehe


3 thoughts on “Gathered Waves .. it worked – ish

  1. Your great Aunt Sally’s big toe huh LOLOL. Love it. i am just loving Gran’s quilt. Feel free to send me one as well LOL. I am going to be posting a surprise for you on my blog tomorrow or the next day. A huge thank you in advance. Hugs to you from Joy and Mercy joyB


  2. Oh meant to tell you that I am going to send you my copy of Dead before Dawn if you want it. it is excellent, I could not put it down. I am going to find the next one in the series so that will be available soon too. Email me your address if you are interested. Hugs. JoyB


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