More Fabric Frolics .. .

G oing to the States to shop is fun .. but man is it a LONG day and I’m usually whacked afterwards .. One good thing, we left earlier than last time and breezed right on thru the tunnel and were in Auburn Hills within an hour. Did our usual shop there – Reg got some clothes for coaching during games, we both got new shoes, and Tiger’s gear; Reg a dryfit hoodie and me a lined pullover, and I sooo desperately needed new slippers and grabbed some deerfoams on sale ..

hehe .. Reg and I BOTH were smart this time .. I got dropped off at Joann’s and spent a happy blissful hour in there. Armed with a 50% off one regular priced item coupon, I was well armed for an hour by myself with all the fabric!! Of course I headed to the fabric first and foremost .. saw that the the fat quarters were again (still?) 99Β’ – YES!! So keeping my challenge in mind, I grabbed more colours that I wouldn’t normally use .. well one colour .. I got some brown FQs, and I also found some green batiks that I couldn’t say no to.

Isn’t this little FQ bundle the cutest (this was the ONLY thing I paid regular price for) I was eyeing this the last time I was in there and thought, what the heck .. purple IS my favourite colour and these are co-ordinated .. there’s a project waiting for this and I do have a sort of IDEA for it too – but that is for later. Oh I raided the remnant bin, but showed great restraint in taking 4 home and only took 1 home as I wanted to do the FQ bundle .. I figure that if I go in there and spent $30 – $40 when we go, then I won’t get the highbrow .. not that Reg would say anything, but I don’t want to feel like I have to hide or make excuses .. so I practice restraint πŸ˜‰ and it works for me πŸ™‚ as I get to shop at Joann’s when we head over, and Joann’s is a special trip for us ..

Next stop was the textile paints .. YES!! I finally got my paints .. this is what I used my 50% off coupon for πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I even managed to get the dyes on sale too .. didn’t even realize that they were on sale either! How cool is that .. oh and the most adorable dragon fly stamp for discharge (also on sale)

While I was waiting for Reg after a sweet hour in Joann’s, I had to chuckle at all the women being dropped off by their husbands – they weren’t going to park the car, they went off and did their own thing .. LOLOLOL

After this we headed to Oakland Mall and got some of goodies (shoes, slippers, jeans (reg)) and headed for Barnes & Noble .. Like Chapters I’m disillusioned about their quilt books .. yes they have more, but they have them stuffed in the furthest corner, next to the fire exit that is draftier than swiss cheese .. Pfft I didn’t get any quilt books as I can find them cheaper online .. but did grab a joint effort by the Kellermans and a Braun book I didn’t have . I’m likely out of sync now, but that can be fixed easily enough.

From Publishers Weekly
The second collaboration by bestsellers Jonathan and Faye Kellerman (after Double Homicide) offers two thin novellas that dedicated fans will most appreciate. In the first, My Sister’s Keeper, Faye Kellerman’s LAPD detective Peter Decker makes an extended cameo role in an inquiry into the murder of an activist lesbian California state representative, Davida Grayson. Grayson, who was the focus of threats from politicians and members of the radical right opposed to her support for stem-cell research, is found shot to death in her Berkeley office; an uninspired pair of local police find that the dead woman’s personal relationships, rather than her politics, may have motivated the killer. The second story, Music City Breakdown, gives Jonathan Kellerman’s consulting psychologist, Alex Delaware, a little more to do after Nashville detectives probing the stabbing murder of recording artist Jack Jeffries learn that Delaware had been treating the dead man. The solution is as unsurprising as that of My Sister’s Keeper. (Nov. 21)

James Qwilleran and his famous felines, Koko and Yum Yum, are back for another mystery-solving stint in the beloved bestselling Cat Who . . . series.

While the town of Pickax is swept up in its sesquicentennial celebrations, Koko has developed a strange new hobby: He drops himself from balconies, occasionally landing in the oddest of places. When a young man comes to visit his wealthy relatives, Koko plummets straight onto his head!

Meanwhile, a hurricane is brewing, and the visitor’s family members soon fall deathly ill. Qwill has his work cut out for him as Pickax-as foreshadowed by Koko-is about to be hit by a bombshell.

Soon as I’m finished reading Stalker by Faye Kellerman, I’ll be starting these ones .. prolly The Cat Who as it’s been a bit since I’ve frolicked with these felines and from the inside jacket, I’m only missing like one before this – wooo hooooooo

So tomorrow it is brunch with my Uncle visiting from Toronto and my cousins too . oh yeah .. dad’s gonna be there .. he INSISTED on driving too .. bloody hell! Ah well .. at any rate, there’s that and the trying to fix grans quilt later in the day while football is on.


3 thoughts on “More Fabric Frolics .. .

  1. You just had too much fun today Girlfriend! And I slaved all day on the MIL quilt, well most of the late afternoon and evening until midnight! Love that fq bundle–I love those little treats–I collect asians that way πŸ™‚ Time I start working with them instead of collecting, ey! Love your remnant find! You will have to start teaching me about discharging fabric–sounds like my kind of fun! And finally got the paint set!! Good girl! Time for me to say nite, nite. Catch in the am!


  2. Yummy fabrics – even the brown! That’s a lovely FQ bundle, and I don’t even like pinks!!!! Is the blue the remnant? It’s gorgeous.

    I love deerfoams too – in the clog style…
    Bobbie in Texas


  3. Love all the fabrics you picked up! A few good reads as well. Sounds like a great day all around. I found the same thing heading over early via the Blue Water Bridge. Zero wait time!



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