Flannel solution – maybe …

O kay, after spending 2 hours depressed last nite, I got my mind into gear. Of course that energized me and I was up until like 6am .. crap! so I go to bed, set the alarm for 12 the proceed to ignore it LOL .. Finally roll out of bed around 1:30 or so and start my email .. well with various phone calls, finding my kid, 3:30 comes around and I’m still not done email – Reg calls, he’s on his way .. 1½ hrs early .. pfft, Reg gets home – all hell moderately starts to break loose,which is to be expected – always happens .. 2 mins later . Kyle walks in – right on his heels – my dad .. oh he’s back to normal .. of course. Hell has redefined itself in my house .. my dad had a burr up his butt and proceeded to drive me crazy .. my tactic .. go back to my email and ignore him ..

So my dad leaves and then it’s a matter of getting kyle to get his jobs done before he goes with his dad for the weekend … that required almost a nuclear mum strike to happen .. then dinner and cleaning up .. I finally get to sit back down then reg goes .. you want a coffee?? Like I’m gonna say no?? yeah right LOL .. so we head off and THEN he drops, oh I want to go here and then here .. of course .. a standard kidnapping .. I should be used to it by now :\ LOL ..

Get back bout 30 mins later and find out Hell’s broken loose next door – short form, the lady next door (no not the ones I like) had some jerks in her house robbing her at knife point (her knives – yes they were known to her) .. and the neighbour I do like is rather freaking out cause the other lady ran to her house screaming for her husband to help .. i know this sounds convoluted, but this happened this way .. honestly .. the jerk was chased out by her sons or the jerks chased her sons with knives .. no clue ..

So this finally settles down and I’ve still not done a blasted thing with Gran’s quilt .. It wasn’t until midnite roughly that I was able to do anything .. well I’ve tested the gather process .

binding ripped - click for larger pic

What I’ve done is ripped out roughly 14″ of the hand stitched part of the binding. In this picture here you can see the waves still – how on earth I missed that in the first place I’ll never know .. arrogance maybe??? **shrugs

basting step - click for larger pic

Then with a single strand of thread and did some long basting stitches thru the flannel and quilt top, gently pulled on the thread and eased the waves (there were 2 in this section) along the 14″ that I had ripped out, then knotted the end .. Now, I didn’t expect the knots to hold as I used a single strand of thread and they didn’t really, but they did hold enough to me to see the result.

after gather pull - click for larger

Here you can see the smaller ripples up near the border, but it appears to have translated all the way across the border to the binding, which I can live with. Remember this flannel has been washed twice, and ‘legend’ has it that the worst shrinkage will be the 3rd. Which in a way is going to look cool as it will give me the antique-y look that you get with a cotton batt. Now this will only really be this way in the borders, but with the stitching being 4″ apart instead of the 6″ that is in the quilt pre border, that won’t really be so noticeable.

I do have another idea since this affect 3 sides of the quilt .. 2 fully, 1 partially – just rip out all the binding – even to putting it on the quilt, do a machine gather (meaning zig zagging over a thread and then pulling the thread taunt-ish), then stitching the binding back on to secure it – I think this might work out okay . Yeah it’ll be ripply, but if I translate the gather all the way down the whole side of the quilt, I should do okay with it not being super ripply here and flat there .. This way it’ll hopefully go across the whole side ..

This way – no patching excess seams on the back – or me driving my anal self nuts with the seam being off on the diagonal when I dart it .. I might lose part of outer border, but seriously, i’m sure that won’t even be noticed at that point.

Well we are off to the states again tomorrow, so i’ll likely not get to touch this til tomorrow nite or even Sunday while watching football .. So this gives me some time to pick holes in this instead of jumping in with both feet and eyes closed 😉


2 thoughts on “Flannel solution – maybe …

  1. Grace, Gran’s quilt is lovely, I am glad you got you waves to behave! I have luck, on small blocks that didn’t want to lay flat, with steaming them and pinning to my gridded board and letting them dry. Kinda like blocking in knitting… don’t know if it would have worked on a larger item, but maybe remember for next time…;)
    Again lovely quilt and I am sure your Gran will LOVE it!!!!


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