No warm fuzzies

I can’t cross Gran’s quilt as done yet. I finished the binding last nite and while I am pleased with the overall look of the quilt, I’ve some wave issues .. serious wave issues ..

Remember this post where I discussed that my backing had puckered and distorted when I did my basting stitch along the edge .. well come to discover that was only part of the problem .. More like the result of the main problem .. when I had quilted on the diagonal in the borders for the HSTs, that is where the stretchies happened .. and this wasn’t apparent as the issue until AFTER I got the bloody binding on !@#$&&. You can see where all the waves are at .. right at the HST quilt lines. – bloody hell

I can stand a few waves, but not these tsunami – I saw that and my heart just sank and I felt just sick with myself. I knew I couldn’t call this quilt done once the binding was on, but I didn’t think I would have this much to undo.

Click if you dare - warning it's ugly

Never one to be daunted for long πŸ˜‰ .. I thought of a few options / ideas here ..

  1. Maybe I can run a long basting stitch along the binding and along the border and maybe the seam line itself to see if I can ‘gather’ it in – you know like in garment construction – I would do this LONG stitch by hand so I can make the stitches long than my machine can and to also avoid more stretchies
  2. Take all the border quilting out – I have to take out some stitching due to the puckers anyways .. soooooo .. and if the gather idea doesn’t work, more quilting will have to come out.
  3. Pick apart all those areas and do a dart like in garment construction that should hopefully lie right along the quilting line
  4. Pick apart all those areas and do a ‘patch’ of sorts with unstretched flannel

Oh and liberal starch whatever I do where I stitch / quilt goes without saying.

So this is going to be an interesting day to say the least AND Kyle is home on a PD day today .. I think I’m in for a challenging day!

I’ll get over it, but I’m not going to be happy about having to get over it – Hey T, I think I need to borrow some big girl pants or maybe someone just shoot me πŸ˜₯


3 thoughts on “No warm fuzzies

  1. Okay, I’m too lazy to go digging through the history to find the answers, so… what kind of batting are you using, and has the flannel been pre-washed?

    Is it possible that some of your problems will be solved by doing a mini-shrink?

    You know, the feeling of FINISHED is, indeed, a great one – but… I supposed that I would un-stitch and fix it if it’s too much to fix with shrinkage (I really depend on the shrinkage of Warm N Natural to hide a multitude of sins).

    Instead of fussing and grumping, treat it as “active meditation” – let your mind wander to how you’ll fix it rather than dwelling on the fact that it needs to be fixed. View it as an opportunity to handle and stitch even more love into the quilt. The other quilts will wait… I bet they won’t even get their feelings hurt if you give extra attention to Gran’s Quilt.

    Either that or just get over your damn self and fix it, already!! πŸ˜‰

    Heh .. No problem and I don’t blame you .. No batting, just the flannel backing and yes it’s been washed twice .. While there is going to be some shrinkage, not sure if it’ll be enough to kill / tame those waves ..

    Well I knew I would have to do some ripping b/c of the puckers .. Maybe a day or two before I could call it finished

    Yup I agree .. W&N to hide sins πŸ˜‰ .. Wonderful stuff isn’t it??

    Heh .. I’m over myself, just not looking forward to it is all ..I spent about 2 hours for my bout of depression LOL .. Then I started to think .. Not always a bad thing – honestly!!

    LOL ty for the laugh .. I needed it




  2. Gracie, (((hugs))) And I agree with Tracy, but I know you didn’t use warm and natural. And I know you are not going to like this part but…..Lay the perfectionist part of you aside for a few moments. Is Gran looking for perfection? Will it keep her any warmer in such a ‘made with love’ snuggly? I guess what I am saying here is I appreciate the problem you are having. Try to fix the biggest ripples and be done. Remember dear friend, only God is perfect πŸ™‚

    Oh I didn’t expect it to be flat .. Not when I knew it stretched like that .. But I sure didn’t expect THAT many waves .. The only way this’ll be totally flat is if I take off the whole backing and that just isn’t going to happen .. No way! So it’ll have *some* ripples, just have to try and fix it best I can ..

    Those diagonal quilting lines – ARRGGGH I’ll try the basting / gathering first – if that doesn’t work, I’ll pick the diagonal lines out and do some spot picking n stitching ..

    I wonder if washing it would fix it??




  3. The waves were possibly created if you quilted the half square triangles on the bias edge…the bias is a lot more stretchy that the rest of the fabric. So, enjoy the quilt as is and don’t worry about perfection.



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