Normally I love roller coasters

ready for tomorrow

T alk about your roller coaster day!! It didn’t seem like it was busy .. but now I’m just to bloody tired to even finish the block I started … and because of the cats, I HATE to leave cut pieces laying around .. I’ve had to chase a cat a time or two with a piece stuck to their tail or leg as they sauntered out the cat cave (my sewing room).

Today started out with me bringing my machine in for service .. This is the machine that died on me while putting my kitty quilt blocks together last january. I found this rather upsetting for several reason .. one my mum had given it to me when Kyle was like 6 months old .. I made all his clothes / hallowe’en costumes on it, learned to quilt on, quilted my first quilt on it .. and mum can’t give me anymore machines now .. so while it’s not the cadillac of sewing machines .. i loved it comfy bunny slippers 🙂 It was a nice solid dependable machine .. had NEVER been in the shop since I bought it. It went to my first quilt class, traveled to Saginaw with me .. and it was my only machine that does zig zag .. i have NO idea how ladies managed without using a zig zag machine seriously .. but i adapted .. heh .. i just didn’t sew any LOL .. ahem .. anywho .. it got dropped off this am, and he would let me know if it was more than an adjustment etc ..

Then hurried home to wait for the delivery of my new (to me) dishwasher. I cleaned the house before they got here and then waited .. and waited .. and waited .. oh bloody hell – where the (*&&* are they GRRRRR .. they show up 1 ½ hrs later, with no I’m sorry, nothing .. pfft .. i’m over it .. but while i was waiting for them, I didn’t sew as i hate to be interrupted like that and I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate while waiting for them .. so they get here, we get it into the house .. nice and clean inside, no dents, scratches nothing .. 3 yo maytag – SWEET and for a song too $100 + $40 for delivery – portables are over $300 new .. At any rate, i want to hook it up to be sure it works .. plug it in, then try to attach the hose .. I took off my spray nozzle doohicky and put the other one back on .. well you guessed it .. no adaptor .. first of all I was like is there a trick to this?? I know It’s been like 20 years since i used one, but it shouldn’t have changed that much! I asked them if they had the adaptor .. they look at each other .. nope .. they don’t have it .. and they live a good 30 mins away .. then the guy asks me where the nearest hardware store is .. I tell him where and off they go to get it .. they’re back quick with the attachment .. well I’ll be – fancy that .. the bloody thing actually attaches now .. pfft .. I give it a quick run and it’s all good .. I count out the money for him as he’s handing me the receipt for the adaptor .. heh .. good thing that I had NO cash in the house or the bank card .. I wouldn’t have been able to lie convincingly otherwise .. we chatter back and forth a bit, and he goes, well I guess I’m gonna have to eat $12. In my head i’m like .. no shit sherlock! I asked if all the hoses, etc were included .. that rather means the ADAPTOR you twit! Reg was already feeling like we got stiffed on the delivery, I could have thumped him when he said that … I had ASKED him what he thought about that .. pfft . .MEN! .. so at anyrate .. we ended getting this for 100 + $28 delivery 😀 .. rather works for me. Reg grabbed detergent on the way home (and its the gel one too so I can play with discharging now) and I’ll run it tomorrow ..

I get a call bout 45 mins after that bout my machine **GULP** .. Johnny (tech) says that he can fix it, but it’s not worth it to fix it .. at this point, if the work had been completed, it would have been $50 – we’re talking for a bit, I pipe up and ask him .. what do you have for low shank singers .. he goes I have a bunch of them for bout $100 – I’m like coo! I ask about how much he would give me for mum’s touch n swear on a trade .. and he goes “I’ve a whole wall of them .. $5 maybe $10 .. oh judaspriest! Now before y’all get all in a tizzy bout the $100 and thinking that I would be getting crap, the machine that I had for 12 years (built 1980 / 81), that was bought used there, cost mum bout $100 … This is a family business that’s been around for 50 years and I’ve always dealt with them .. matter of fact, I bought my FW from them 12 years ago. So I’ve already called my dad and will be heading in there with my ¼” foot, walking foot (also bought there) and maybe my free motion foot .. with a little quilt sandwich .. I plan on spending some time in there ..

I’ve gotten several suggestions on what to do with this machine .. keep and use it as a remembrance, make a quilt, display it .. due to space constraints .. i think that I’m going to leave it with him – I am going to take all the useful parts tho .. like the case, bobbins, feed dog cover .. who knows .. maybe he’ll be able to use it for parts to fix someone else’s machine that doesn’t have a lot of money, or he might fix it and sell it .. but I doubt that part .. he did tell me that with the vertical gear teeth missing, that he could never get the timing right – poor guy had it all cleaned up too – so it must have been an insidious break down if it wasn’t spotted right away when he took it apart. But I’m likely to take Birdie’s suggestion of making a quilt .. I have scraps from just bout everything I’ve made on that machine and an make a little scrappy mini wall hanging to hang in here – I think that’s such a cool idea!! Thanx Birdie

On OST, jeanie does a teaser on tuesday. The first two weeks were anagrams, this week was questions .. I won the draw for last week – Jeanie popped my treat in the mail .. I’ll have to mention to my dad to hit the PO box … isn’t that just great!!

Today's Progress??? pfft!

Worked on Gran’s quilt tonite and got almost one side stitched down while watching the Biggest Loser, then headed in here to work on one of the spinner blocks .. finished doing the HSTs and trimmed them and started to put the block together .. then said forget it .. I’m just to bloody tired right now and have already frogged a few parts .. time to call it a nite and start fresh tomorrow sometime ..

leader n enders

Oh I almost forgot .. I got my next leader n ender project underway .. this is the original for the Fall-A-Bration quilt .. i figure i can make it up and maybe with luck I can sell it 🙂 How cool would THAT be!!

I think I’m even to tired to do my email tonite, which is what I always do after I post to my blog .. so tomorrow is another day and maybe I’ll have a new (to me) machine!!

Reading this over no wonder I’m tired .. AND i flea combed pix and orion .. shadow is still incognito .. i’ll grab her tomorrow when she’s not watching me .. she’s a wee bit wary of me right now .. damn cat!


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