Puckers; seams to be flat

I ‘ve Gran’s quilt bound and ¼ of the binding stitched down … I’ll try to get more done tonite watching the Biggest Loser .. (heh .. that’s my weekly cry fest – for some reason I get all choked up watching that show) But since it’s a 2 hour show, I should get more done than I did last nite.

After my last post about the flannel, Amanda from OST suggested that the next time I use starch to try and tame the stretchies .. (this is what I call it in polite company – I won’t repeat what I’ve said in private but it rhymes with puckers **innocent whistling) .. well I thought that I could try to do the starch NOW on the border area before I put the binding on .. and guess what – IT WORKED!!!!! I was able to have my binding on with NO puckers .. Amanda – Thank You!!!! You can see here in the circles where there was puckering .. but there are no puckers at the binding .. when I did my ‘machine basting’ stitch around the edge, that was full of puckers ..

What I’m going to do is finishing binding the quilt, check where all the puckers are and take them out .. I’ll starch the snot out of the area and re-stitch it .. we’ll see if that works .. if it still puckers like mad on the machine, I’ll do it by hand .. pain in the butt, but I do NOT want puckers on the back of this quilt .. (or any quilt for that matter) I tend to get all bent out of shape and whatnot about puckers.

Clues 5a, 5b

Clue 6

Open Seams

Carmen posted clues 5a, 5b and 6 for the All In the Family Colour Mystery, and I got those done 🙂 .. now with the great debate on pressing seams open, I thought, why not? Let me re-press these open and see what sort of a difference it makes .. WOW it made a  difference all right .. i couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t about to rip out all the previous clues, but the seams where I put all the squares together were fair game .. no frogging required. You can see the difference it made on these pieces .. the ones on the left were pressed open, the ones on the right hadn’t been re-pressed yet .. granted they would have gotten re-pressed anyways, but they wouldn’t have been as flat as pressing them open turned out. How cool is THAT!!?

I’m waiting for the delivery of a dishwasher that we are buying. It should be here anytime – this dishwasher will extend my son’s lifespan as the dishes are becoming a bone of contention .. I have other battles to fight with him, dishes shouldn’t be one of them. We are getting a 3 yo Maytag portable with one of those fake butcher block tops .. it is white tho, so that will match my fridge and stove .. I’m tickled pink by this .. FINALLY!!

I’ll be working on Kyle’s blocks today and am hoping that I make some HUGE progress on it.

Have a quilty day!!


One thought on “Puckers; seams to be flat

  1. Take out the stitching at the puckers (about an inch on either side) & starch and press them. When sewing them again, pull gently from front and back of the seam to fit those puckers in.. I do it all the time. My preferred backing is flannel. I do make sure to use a heavy starch to iron my backing before I begin.

    Did you prewash the flannel at least twice? If not..washing will take care of most of it.

    Hi Margie and yup that was my plan .. To go a bit on either side of the pucker and starch the snot out of it and press like mad 🙂

    I figure I can use pins to keep it in place and ease the pucker away too for this itty bit of stitching ..

    Yes I washed my flannel twice in hot water and dried it both times ..

    I didn’t think that flannel would stretch .. If I had thought that far, I might not have this problem as starching might have occurred to me before hand or I would have asked on list ..

    Hugs n thank you!!



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