Fall-A-Bration Mystery Finished

As promised, here’s my finished Fall-A-Bration Mystery wallhanging ..

I thought it would be really cute for hallowe’en and went with these colours and the Hallowe’en fabric that I had ..

Kitty is machine appliqued (fused too), her eyes are hand stitched down, mouth is fused, In the corners I’ve quilted in ghosts and bats.

I had a lot of fun writing this mystery, was rather nerve wracking writing it and getting it thru testing .. but it was a LOT of fun!! This makes up super quick too!

Here’s a close up of the corners. Click on the images to see full size.

ghost in front of moon

bats with moon

bats with moon


4 thoughts on “Fall-A-Bration Mystery Finished

  1. It truly is adorable, Grace, and looks like it’s quite versatile, too! You’ve got a winner here.

    …now we’re just waiting for Kyle’s block to be “published”…



  2. Grace I like how easy this went together. It definitely is a winner. I can see all seasons worked in this pattern also with a showcase fussy cut center block. Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to to share with us.

    Brenda M

    Thank you brenda .. It was a lot of fun to do .. Nerve wracking, but still a lot of fun!!

    And yup .. You can do it for all seasons, any occasion – just use the light or dark for your focus and you’re good to go

    AND it makes up quick too!!




  3. Grace,

    I love this little quilt. Tried to finish up yesterday but was in
    too much of a hurry and my seams don’t match up well enough
    to suit me. So guess what I’m doing? Rip it, rip it. LOL
    I’m off tomorrow so I hope to finish soon. Thanks so much
    for this mystery.

    Sherry in NC


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