Tied in Knots …

T he one thing that I hate about weekends is that I do more tearing around in one 4 hour period than I do all week or even 2 weeks combined :\ .. ah well .. what can you do .. Stuff’s gotta get done tho. I was tired yesterday after we got back from shopping and it took me a bit to get geared up for tying Gran’s quilt.

One of the places I needed to head out to on Friday or Saturday – yup it was Friday was Wal-Mart to get some baby yarn for tying Gran’s quilt – I have sport weight and only blue and white in baby weight .. shock surprise I had a boy, eh? So I didn’t have a lot of the other colours I wanted for this. I figure that since this quilt was scrappy (controlled, yes, but still a scrappy) that I wanted to do different colours for the ties .. well I was hoping to find a variegated yarn in the colours that are in the quilt and I did .. isn’t this just adorable .. and it’s soooo soft .. I’ve said to Reg, I’m tempted to knit something with this .. it’s just so soft and I love the way the colours are thru it .. there are sections that are solid, some are dotted – it’s just wayyy to cool .. maybe I can do a scarf or something for myself – not sure, but I’m sure that I’ll think of something .. I want to see what it looks like knitted up 🙂  I’m sure I’ll think of something .. i don’t really do hats, and don’t want this to be a dishcloth .. something will bite me I’m sure

OH!!! I found a baby sock that I had knitted while digging thru my yarn stash too .. I did a damn good job on that!! Surprised me!! Since I didn’t find it’s buddy, I think I was just messing around with some yarn I had and wanted to see if I could make a sock .. not to shabby me thinks .. no i’m not going to make a sock with that yarn!

Kay nuff of the yarn stuff 😉 Back to Gran’s quilt .. So I get it all tied and it took me maybe 45 minutes if that .. What I did was run the needle and yarn thru each section twice. I started out by doing 1 ½ square knots, but changed it to just one square knot as these are right over where the seams are bulky and it just added to it .. When I wash it, I’ll see how they hold up .. And I did decide to tie right next to the border .. it just looked lopsided not being tied.

Then I had to decide on binding colour .. I really wanted to try and avoid using a dark colour as the turquoise flannel was so much lighter in colour and I really didn’t want to have all my stitches show – but I found this purple and it the lighter leaves part just picks of the silvery swirls in the border colour .. so how could I NOT use this fabric .. it was impossible!

I’ve discovered a characteristic about flannel I’m not sure that I like .. It has a LOT of stretch to it (**sigh), and as a result, I’ve some wonky edges .. I normally do a long basting stitch by machine once my quilt is quilted and I’m about ready to trim for the binding step .. well I noticed that my backing had puckers in it and my 4 patches were rather wonky in places .. so a quilt that was perfectly square when all was said and done, now isn’t .. I’m disappointed and not sure I can fix this .. I might have to do some ‘creative’ quilting in the borders to try and fix this .. but may just turn around and put the binding on and take my chances – I might be able to do some creative quilting after the binding is on ..

i went digging for my binding foot for my machine – i was thinking that maybe putting the binding on in one shot would stop the stretchies and shifting that was happening on the edges .. but the quilt isn’t going to fit in the ‘slot’ in the foot and i wouldn’t be using a walking foot and that just might add more issues .. so I resolved to just do it my normal way ..

So I’ll be attaching the binding and stitching it down tonite .. I’m really hoping that I’ll have it done tonite, but more than likely do the hand work while watching Monday Night Football 🙂 yeah that’s what I’ll do


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