Fit To Be Tied ..

A nd for once it’s not me .. hehehehe .. I’m talking about Gran’s quilt .. not me πŸ˜‰ .. Okay you can stop groaning and wanting to kill me .. ya have to have some fun, no??

**Znerk ahem …

Okay where was I?? OH yeah, Gran’s quilt and tying it πŸ™‚ I have never tied a quilt before and asked Carmen about it. Well she had TONS of advice for me and I’m sooo glad that I asked first. My plan was to tie it with embroidery floss – I wasn’t sure how many strands and asked her about that .. What Carmen told me is that she has never seen floss NOT break .. it always breaks or comes loose even .. no matter how well you tie it. She suggested yarn .. okay I can do that .. I’ve tons of sport and baby weight in colours that will work with Gran’s quilt.

She also said, that she quilts bout every 8″ to make sure that even if the ties do break, it wouldn’t be flapping in the breeze. I know Gran is 80 years old, but don’t let that fool you .. She comes from a line of long lifers .. her own mother was like 96 or so when she died. (No wonder she wasn’t impressed when I said my Gramma D is 94) So I want this to last. **sigh that means that I have to baste the bloody thing .. DRAT!!! ah well .. I want it to last so that’s what needs to be done .. it gets done .. So I’m basting it when I “see” the quilt again and my pattern in it … grab my tape measure .. and my diamonds are like 6″ or so apart .. well that will work .. quilt around the diamonds πŸ˜€ .. and the border on both sides. heh .. and you know . .that got me to thinking again .. my original plan of tying every 4 patch intersection would conflict with my quilt lines .. sooooo, I came up with a new plan ..(Like you’ve never heard THIS before). So instead of tying every 4 patch intersection .. my plan is to just tie (ty??) where the 4 patches meet along the path .. Oh and in the border too πŸ™‚ The blue lines are the quilting lines and the red-ish dots are going to be where the ties will go .. not sure about where it meets the border tho .. I’ll make that decision when I get there I guess.

So now it’s all quilted and the basting thread is out .. I’m peeved because I’ve found a few puckers and am going to have to fix them .. bloody hell GRRRRRR. I did really well with lining up my seam with the seam in the backing .. that just tickled me to death when I saw that (!)

So this weekend, I’ll be tying Gran’s quilt and getting that off my ToDo list .. Praise God!

On OST (One Stitch at a Time) a discussion has been going on about pressing seams open .. the funny thing is that I was just saying to Reg the other nite that the next time I do a quilt with HSTs in it, I’ll be pressing the puppies open – I’m an old skool press-to-dark person so you know this created all sorts of havoc with me. I was always taught to marry your seams and that’s why you press this way and that way .. yeah well guess what .. while that works GREAT for block assemblies, come putting it together in a quilt with no sashings .. divorce proceedings start to happen .. I’ve a few lumps n bumps in this quilt that the quilting has actually helped and I’ll hide the others with the knots from tying πŸ˜€ .. oh was that outloud??? oops .. At any rate .. Val shared this article on pressing seams open and it makes sense to me .. you know .. I never did know why we pressed to the side .. it went against the grain rather – I sewed clothes LONG before I started to quilt .. and those were pressed flat ..

So plan of action is, for the next 4 blocks of Kyle’s quilt, I’ll be pressing the seams open .. good benchmark me thinks with 2 blocks being made .. I might have a FLAT quilt .. no, not lack of wonkiness (that wouldn’t be a quilt then, would it??), but a quilt that isn’t hills, valleys, lumps n bumps due to bulky seams .. If i don’t like it, I can go back to divorce court πŸ˜‰

Happy quilty weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Fit To Be Tied ..

  1. Really, really looking good Gracie!! Your Gran is just going to love you to distraction when she sees this beauty!
    And about that debate? I don’t press open all the time, but I have learned that when marrying blocks together it is by a better thing to do an greatly reduces the bulk. Your seams are reinforced when you quilt the layers together so all is good πŸ™‚

    Carmen thank you for all your help .. This quilt is going to be the way it is because of you in part .. I greatly appreciate the help πŸ™‚ HUGS

    As for the seam debate .. For kyle’s quilt, I’ll do the open seams and go from there .. I think that it’s going to be a case of the project is going to dictate what I do .. Kyle’s quilt is almost ALL HSTs … Soooo .. Great experiment, no? But I do want to try and see how it goes … You never know until you try πŸ™‚

    Yes I agree on marrying the seams, but geeze I can’t ever seem (seam :P) to get it right and it drives me to distraction ..

    Hugs and than you again!!!



  2. Gracie – it’s really looking great! I love Carmen’s idea of doing some quilting to hold it steady, just in case. I’ve never tied a quilt with yarn – I used crochet cotton or perle cotton. The kind for crocheting doilies??? Seems like we did a triple tie – like a square knot with one more half knot on top. So far as I know, it’s still going strong! (It was a quilt that Mom made for youngest grandson-who has now graduated from High School…. when he was about jr high age???) Whatever you decide, she’s gonna love it!
    Congrats on a marvelous job!!!!


  3. Quilted AND tied? What a neat idea! It’s going to look great too! Gran should be pleased. I have always used yarn for tying , simply because I have soooo much of it to use up and I used the knot like Bobbie described.



  4. This is truly an awesome quilt Grace. I love the idea of quilting and tying it should last forever, she will be very proud that you have made it for her.



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