I’ve an ugly mug … Award :)

I guess I got an ugly mug .. award 😉 Tracy over at Fiber Babble presented me with this award .. isn’t it cool!! I was one of the lucky 3 who she says we should do lunch one day .. coo .. get the webcams up and let’s do lunch – that would be great .. if I had a web cam .. how bout i send some pics via email instead?? LOL Seriously .. lunch – awesome!

Okay this award originated at The Bitchy Stitcher .. I just LOVE that name, b/c face it .. aren’t we all that at times .. and Edna is honest enough with herself and the world to say .. like it – with no ‘or’ with that blog name! LOL

Megan created this award b/c she could and wanted too – hehe .. She says, and I quote:

Something to honor any blogger who crafts, sews, quilts – you know, makes stuff – no matter how crappy (or how good). A way to say – I like your blog, like your stuff, and I’m pretty sure you have a good sense of humor.

Tracy has this to say about me ..

There’s Grace at Grace’s Qzone who apparently never sleeps, is generous with her time and talent, and might just possibly be as bilingual as I am (bilingual – that’s code for language that makes your mother cringe).

hehe .. Thank you Tracy .. I do sleep .. just as the mood strikes me at the oddest hours of course ;). And as for bilingual and making my mother cringe – when she would get going a truck driver be interested in her phrasology .. but only when my dad made her hehehehe. Oh and yeah, I get the Sally Field thing 😉 Canada checking in on your question

Now I’ve seen other’s posting their mugs .. mines not ugly, and there is more than one .. these are my favourites. They go from left to right in order of preference .. now please do NOT tell me you are shocked to see that I have a Tim Horton’s mug. That is my daily cup .. right now, it’s dirty as it missed the dishes last nite (yup, i was drinking out it at the time – shock surprise) and of course the kitty mug and the pooh bear / tigger mug shouldn’t shock you either.

And I get to decide 3 other bloggers that I would like to pass this ‘torch’ onto .. hmmm .. can I give it back to tracy?? she truly cracks me up .. I will NEVER forget her ‘rant’ on music on blogs LMAO!!!!!! She had me rolling with tears running down my eyes … check it out!!

I didn’t realize how many blogs I actually follow .. Thank God not everyone one of them posts everyday .. I wouldn’t get anything done .. well as opposed to minimal .. or at least appearing like stuff got done .. hehe .. There are blogs that when I see them I go Oh coo .. new post!! But everyone has a GREAT blog .. and a lot of their work truly knocks my socks off .. and everyone’s inspires me in some way.

But I only get to choose 3 ..

Carla over at Feathered Fibers leaves me with my mouth hanging open with all the stuff that she does .. She is a one woman Art Fair .. notice I didn’t say craft .. her stuff is Art with a capital “A” .. She freely posts tutorials on her techniques too .. truly a woman that makes my mouth hang open .. and not to talk for a change ..

Vicki takes field Trips in Fibre to a whole new level. If there is a fibre technique she’s not done, I would be stunned. She does a LOT of dyeing and I love to read about her experiments and success … heh .. I’m also enjoying her progress on her Hell Cat as I’ve seen her refer to it .. You’ll have to read her blog to see what I’m talking about.

Deb with her Rags n Quilts is another who I love to read. She’s not posted to much lately due to a class she’s doing, but the sample that she showed on her blog left me stunned .. she has taught me so much thru emails on various techniques too .. I look forward to her ‘life’ slowing down so she can share with us more of what she’s doing ..

When I was back clicking thru links I saw that one of my original thoughts for nominees had already been given the award a short time ago .. not sure if she got the notice for it or not, but I wish I could have given Mary this award too .. She does a lot of charity work for heartstrings and has set some pretty high goals for herself – and with all that goes on in real life ..she meets them! Another great lady that I just enjoy to read and eat up her eye candy!

Tracy again – thank you – I wish I could give this back to you as you do truly crack me up ..

okay .. nuff of this post .. I’ll be working on another one shortly ..


8 thoughts on “I’ve an ugly mug … Award :)

  1. WTG!!!! on the mug award..
    You are great and I love the way you keep us up to date on whats going on.


  2. Oh my, I’m humbled! What a nice write up! Of course, your check is in the mail…hahahaha!

    I’m in very nice company, too! Now to look at which ugly mug I have to share….

    Thank you, Carla


  3. I know, I’m bad – I struggled to do meme’s and awards when I first started blogging but then decided to thank people when recognized but I don’t pass them on.

    I even had to write Deb and ask her what’s up she’d been so slack in updating her blog/ We’ve both been busy and haven’t been chatting as much.

    I am a mug fanatic – I collect them when I travel and have a big cabinet full of them. I’m so upset with myself because I forgot to even look for one when I was in Denmark – Keith will have to pick one up for me next time he goes.

    I have some really cute ones from Canada but I didn’t know Tim Horton’s had a mug. I’m fell in love with *Tim* when I traveled to Toronto for the first time this summer. Next time I manage to get to Canada I’m going to have to look for one.


    I saw commercials for it for so long, and when I was in Ohio in 2005 I just HAD to go. When we were in Vancouver last year, I forced the people I was with into a Tim Horton’s breakfast. I don’t drink coffee, but the food is great! I don’t know why I didn’t buy a mug… 😦

    Mug hugs!


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