Cutting Table 911 Rescue

Y esterday I was trying to decide what project to work on .. Lord knows I’ve a few of them on the go .. and I just couldn’t decide .. and it wasn’t because the decisions so hard, it’s because I’m having ‘room’ issues on my cutting table .. bah!


With the projects being worked on in tandem and me liking to have stuff in arm’s reach or at least where I’m not having to climb a chair or crawl under the table or ironing board, I’ve quite the collection of bits n pieces and odds n ends piling up .. so much so that I’ve worked myself out of some space .. pfft – I hate that .. not that I’m super organized .. oh hell no! I just like to have things where I want / expect / need them to be when **I** need them .. so while it’s not immaculate in here, it’s usually quasi-organized-ish (.. yes that’s a word .. it’s a graceism .. ) So me thinks today, I need to clear the table and put some stuff away .. maybe that way I’ll get to basting the last section of my 1800 as I will have room to do it .. and then start with gran’s quilt too ..


Welp I managed to get this done this afternoon and am wondering how long it will stay this way – hehehehehe .. but at least it’s done and now I have room to do my basting for Gran’s quilt and the last section for the 1800 quilt.

Kyle usually takes over the kitchen table for stuff and that’s not a battle I’m choosing to fight with him .. I’m more interested in the dishes being CLEAN when he does dishes (there’s a reason I’m using my 3rd mug), and his room being clean and a few other things. So the kitchen table is a battle here .. well at least to get all of it for what I need .. next option .. doing it in here .. so that means I need to clear off the table along the back wall so I can drape quilts over the edge. And that’s not the same battle to ‘fight’ myself than it is to fight kyle .. I win in either case, just a matter of how much sanity I’ll have left .. and there’s precious little to fuss with to begin with!!

I did manage to get something done yesterday tho .. I cut out all the fabric I need for the 6 blocks of the spinner quilt .. So those are ready to go when I am .. but not until I get that table ‘found’ .. it is really bad .. and with the cutting mat there, I know just how much room I’m losing so that doesn’t help .. Hmmm .. Pix isn’t sleeping in the WIP basket anymore .. maybe I can take that back for now and actually use it for MY stuff .. coo!!


4 thoughts on “Cutting Table 911 Rescue

  1. You make me look totally unorganized in the first pic before you straightened up! Oh, do I need to take a day or two or three to figure out the mess I have. At present I have a stack of finished BBB’s, one almost completed quilt top, patterns (aprons and baby hats/jamas), pins, scissors, tv remote, coffee cup……and a machine 🙂 and the table is half the size of yours. Now my cutting and sewing tables in the other house are a bit bigger than yours and not as ‘unorganized’ LOL, but then I just spent a few days trying to figure out the mess there and cleaned it up! End of story—?????

    This room is so small .. Now in the after pic you see the blue chair .. Well my desk is RIGHT there .. Yup .. Just enough room to walk from machine to puter .. So with it being so small and stuff crammed in here cheek to jowl with everything, I like to try and keep it somewhat ‘organized’ .. If not, I waste time looking for stuff .. I usually stuff stuff at the sides for current projects too 😉

    Oh you’ve not seen my WIP stack .. That’s against the other wall LOLOLOL it comes up to my waist 🙂 and they are stacked on mum’s machine and the case cover for the 15 and there’s a bookcase in here, dresser, ironing board, another machine in a cabinet .. So it’s a tight fit ..

    I remember you working on that and Missy Lydia helping grammy LOLOL



  2. Gracie,
    Put all them scraps into a box and mail them my
    I love scraps!!!
    And it helps you to keep the cutting table clean …LOL


  3. Grace your cutting table looks just like mine. I have so much stuff piled on it and no room to work. You did a nice job cleaning it up. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Cissy


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