Tops, sales, commissions??

W hat a whirlwind of a weekend!! First pushing to get Gran’s top done (sans borders) on Friday, then the all day power shopping on Saturday, being totally whacked and two more hours of shopping on Sunday, then our Cdn Thanksgiving on Monday. **whew!! I think I’m getting tired again just typing THAT! LOL

I didn’t even get to touch anything quilt-wise until Monday nite. Dinner was really good if I should say so myself 😉 We picked up a 6 lb turkey breast, stuffing, 2 acorn squash, crescent rolls and did corn and carrots for veggies. Turkey cooked in about 2 ½ hours, and I put the squash bout ½ way thru (note to share acorn squash recipe!!), mashed the taters and Kyle did the stuffing and rolls, Reg scraped the taters. We were lucky enough that we were able to shift dinner time a bit so my dad could come to dinner. With him working midnites, it makes it rather hectic to schedule anything when he’s on shift. Sorry no pics of dinner, I supposed I could show the leftovers LOL, but naw – we ate a good chunk for supper, sorry .. oh and we had a apple crumble pie for dessert (sorry that’s gone too). NUMMY .. I am NOT stepping on a scale for at least a week!! We had a nice dinner together!!

The acorn squash recipe is super easy – it’s made with apples chopped up into it.

Baked Acorn Squash and Apples
2 acorn squash
2 apples, cored and chopped into smaller thin pieces
canola oil
nutmeg, cinnamon, ground cloves, brown sugar

Preheat over to 350°
Cut your squash in half, and scoop out the seeds
put your squash face down with water and bake like that for 30 mins.
Meanwhile, mix the oil, spices and apple bits together and let sit.
After 30 mins, take the squash out, flip them over and fill with apple bits.
Drizzle remaining oil / spice mixture over squash and cook for another 30 – 45 mins or until soft when poked with a fork.

As I was typing this up, I got a notification of payment rec’d. I was like ??? .. So i click on the email and open it .. someone actually bought one of my rice trivets!! Well 2 of them actually. WHOO OOOO **kittyhappydance!!!!! Isn’t that great!! This is the pair she bought. How cool is THAT!! My first sale off my website 😀 😀 😀 .. Yeah, I’m tickled!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post ..

Last nite I finally got to work on quilt stuff. I did gran’s borders and attached my borders to my hopscotch quilt.

Gran's Quilt

Gran's Quilt


I like my quilt better, but I like her borders better – hehehehheeheh .. Not sure if the borders for mine are just to dark, but I still really love this quilt! So hopefully later I’ll get gran’s quilt to the kitchen table to tie it .. I’m going to use turquoise, purples and maybe pink threads to tie. I’ll still have to stitch the borders down won’t I? I’ve never tied a quilt before so I’m not even sure. It would make sense to me to stitch on both sides in the ditch of the borders. Her backing is going to be the blue turquoise flannel I picked up at fabricland last week. Oh and this border idea is courtesy of Mary. Thank you Mary .. It’s just a perfect touch and a great way to extend the design of the quilt top .. granted I goofed, but no one but me will know exactly how .. and there was NO way I was going to frog all those blocks .. nuh uh .. forget it .. it looks just as nice this way! (Hint if you need it .. my mediums and dark values were switched in the border pieces, and that threw off the pattern I ‘created’. See told you you wouldn’t have figured it out )

I’m not sure how I’m going to quilt mine .. if i’m going to do an allover pattern or just follow the flow of the layout. I’m sure it’ll speak to me sooner or later. This on the left is what I’m using for Gran’s backing. $2.75 / meter! When I was in before it was on sale for $5 / meter .. Very nice deal me thinks!!

Oh on other business news .. I met a new neighbour down the street. She stopped by asking about the swing in our back yard that we are using. And this lady’s as chatty as I am .. (i know .. that’s super hard to believe LOL) At any rate during the course of our chat fest, we started talking about our hobbies, she does some sewing and furniture refinishing, and I mentioned that I quilt. Long story short – she LOVES quilts and wants a queen for her room. She hasn’t picked her colours totally yet, but is going to pick the border she loves and goes from there. I basically told her that if she gives me the border, I should be able to find colours and make a queen sized quilt for her 😀 .. how cool is that .. I told her cash / cost of materials UP FRONT an she had no problem with that .. so we’ll see how that goes .. isn’t that cool! A sale and maybe a commission .. oh and i did tell her that doubles run about $200 in materials and a queen will be more .. she didn’t even blink and has NO problem with that – WOOO HOOOOOO

And I can’t forget that I went and did my duty as a citizen .. Today is the voting for our federal election .. we’re sunk no matter who wins ….

3 thoughts on “Tops, sales, commissions??

  1. My son is going try your squash recipe 🙂 Just bought some the other day and I saw your recipe and sent it to him! Says he is picking up the apples and having Danielle scoop the squash! LOL Hey girlfriend, great news on the sales and the possible quilt commission! Patience does pay! And I have to admit, I like your Grans quilt better but like your border better 🙂 Nevermind, I am running for cover looking for Kyle’s backing LMBO


  2. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and could also enjoy having your dad’s company for dinner. There truly is nothing any better then being able to spend time with parents. And then to top off your Holiday with a sale. YEA!!! Hope you get the commission quilt. Good luck Grace.


  3. Congrats on a sale. Isn’t it great. I hope there are many more to come. Plus you get to make a quilt for a new neighbor. You are on a role. Hope you are having a great day.

    When I submitted my picture I didn’t think it would get rated. Woo Hoo.


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