Long lost friend …

W ow!! What a GREAT day!! It didn’t start out all that great tho :\

I was slow moving due to a headache again, then the tunnel came to a stand-still going over to Detroit – and of course Wayne County Highway Commission is tearing up not one, but 3 interstates and since I didn’t know how far it was closed to, we were victims of one-lane travel and merging thru major interchanges .. **sigh .. ah well, we got there – later than we wanted, but we were still there and did some shopping.

As I stated yesterday, Great Lakes Crossings Outlet Mall was our destination. Here’s a quick blurb from Wikipedia on this mall – “The mall, with a design scheme based on Michigan’s outdoors, opened on November 18, 1998 with over 200 stores laid out in a mile-long racetrack layout.” There’s only about 5 stores that we like to go through, but the walk is nice, and since we are both people watchers – highly entertaining at times πŸ˜‰

We spent maybe 3Β½ hours there going thru the shops and buying stuff, then headed over to get gas and hit Joann’s .. I was a bit overwhelmed when I went in there, it’s been years since I’ve been to Joann’s this was an ETC store, so it was HUGE and sprawling and and and .. just WOW .. It took me a bit to get my bearings and actually get the feel of the place. Back when I was going to Joann’s, there wasn’t the selection of cottons that there is in there now .. you had the calico corner and that was bout it .. now it’s .. mind boggling ..

But I persevered and I got some great stuff – Since the quarter flats etc were on sale for 99Β’, I decided I would grab a few reds and yellows for the spinner quilt. I also grabbed a Β½ yard of a bright yellow too to go with it .. aren’t these great!!

I raided the remnant bin (Can we say kid in a candy shop with a free pass??) and got a really nice cmas print, WOW, and a homespun – I’ve a few of them, not many – nor do I have desire for them, but they are nice to have kicking around for bits n pieces ..

I also grabbed 3 cmas prints fqs (also 99Β’) to add to my cmas prints that I have … I don’t have a LOT of yardage of them, but what I do have actually matches, so it’s nice that they will go with just about anything that I have in my stash.

And just for me because I deserve it – i grabbed this gorgeous purple batik .. I got a yard of that, and the bit that was left on the bolt as a remnant – how cool is THAT!!

I’ve promised myself that I would start to use colours that I normally wouldn’t – part of growing my creative mind – so since the quarter flats were on sale, I grabbed these 3 .. I just love them and they are gorgeous .. and the poly batting was 50% off too, so I grabbed 4 yards of the 4oz weight .. let’s see if that gives me the lower loft I want for quilting.

Tonite I am just to bloody tired to even think about going to the basement to wash them .. I’ll do my reds and oranges together tomorrow, and then the rest by color I guess .. Looking at them I’m just not to sure how to split them up, but that’s only because I’m so bloody tired right now :S .. I prolly walked close to 4 miles today .. Oh and I grabbed a pound of buttons too .. I didn’t get a pic of them as I was to quick to put them in my button tin.

I showed great restraint, and next time Reg is going to drop me off, he was bored out of his skull in there – normally he doesn’t mind as he can go wander elsewhere and poke around, but nothing interests him in there .. I’m good with it, but knowing he doesn’t like it, makes it hard for me to shop .. I should have picked up the Jacquard paints, but since i was worried about him, I didn’t .. GRRRRR .. ah well .. maybe I can get my dad to take me to another one as the coupon I have is still good. Oh and I only spent $31 – how cool is that!!

We had a GREAT supper at Olive Garden after all the shopping was done, hit Meijer, then came home .. heh .. reg was out cold within minutes, and I’m sure I won’t be to far behind him …

Been a LONG but GREAT day!! now if I am up to it, I just might square of the 4patches and HST units for Gran’s borders as tomorrow is Sunday and it’s football day in this house!

Nah on second thought, my feet aren’t even on speaking terms with me right now and my knee and back aren’t liking me to much LOL .. heh .. a hot bath works for me πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Long lost friend …

  1. WooHoo!!! Power Shopping! Gotta luv it girlfriend! Love the oranges you bought and oh that Purple batik!! Girl, if I had run into that you better believe I would’ve fought you for it LOL Make your bath a ‘spa bath’ and treat yourself!! Now to see what you do with all those lovely fabrics πŸ™‚
    Carmen, who working on Fallabration binding!

    Oh definitely ‘spa’ .. Hot bath, bubbles something to drink and my book πŸ™‚

    As for doing something with them – not sure as it usually takes me a bit to cut into new fabric .. Rather sort of have to enjoy it first whole LOL .. Silly I know ..

    That is nice – got about 1 1/2 yards of it and of course it’s my favourite colour πŸ˜‰ .. This is a case where it’s a good thing we live a whole country apart .. Otherwise it just plain bites πŸ˜₯



  2. Grace, love the Christmas ones! I even have a piece of the
    red with gold leaves & swirls. Great minds think alike. LOL

    Sherry trying to work on AITCF

    It is nice .. And that’s a yard cut too!! LOVE the mottled red look to it too .. Gives it some nice depth πŸ™‚

    You can do it sherry – the rest will be easy from now on πŸ™‚ .. You’re almost there!!



  3. Grace, sounds like you had my kinda day. I used to love power shopping , occasionally. I do love those FQ’s Joanns has then on sale quite frequntly lately. even my LQS doesnt put them that low… I ususaly grab a handfull too. My Nickle Mystery quilt was made almost entirely of them. Glad you DH was so tolerant; it really was kind of him.I am looking forward to seeing what you do with all your fabric purchases.

    Oh it was nice .. We used to do that all the time when we had the car before .. With it getting closer to cmas, we’ll be heading over there a few more times – can’t beat the prices – and we like to get sports teams stuff and you just can’t the US teams in canada for a good price .. It’s 2 arms and a leg price .. And after you pay that, you wouldn’t have a body to wear it with πŸ™‚

    Yes he was very good and tolerant .. And I tell him that too πŸ™‚ but next time I’m going to tell him to get lost LOLOLOL he’ll be out the door before I can finish my sentence ..

    What’s nice is that the fq pricing like that is the price of a yard cut – so gives you the option to get a bit of this and that for the same price .. I LOVE fqs for being a nice square and easily cuttable



  4. Hi Grace, you sure had a long but productive day (shopping). I love days like that. πŸ˜‰ Hope you are feeling better today and can get some sewing done.

    Hi cissy .. I do feel better today .. But maybe b/c my feet hurt so much LOL Time for new shoes ..

    Today is football day so not likely to get anything done until after that games .. But I am TIRED today!!



  5. You’ve been very busy – I’m catching up again and see you have several quilts in progress that you’ve been working on – not to mention the ongoing flea battle.

    I love fat quarters….but I’m going to stay away from Joann’s. I don’t need to add any more fabric until I use some of it up!


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