Rolling along …

O n a roll as defined by;

on a roll
On a streak of success or intense activity, as in The team’s scored three runs in the last inning and they’re really on a roll, or Once the experiment succeeded, Tim was on a roll. This slangy term, alluding to the momentum in the act of rolling, dates from the second half of the 1900s, but roll alone has been used in this sense since the early 1800s.

I think that this is what best describes me today. I’ve rolled along on several different projects today;
1. Clue #4 for Carmen’s Colour Mystery – cut & stitched
2. Cut out the borders for Gran’s Quilt
3. Got Gran’s top pieced and side borders on
4. Got the ‘pieces’ for Gran’s border cut, stitched and ready to be squared.

Clue #4

Clue #4

Clue #4 was released today for Carmen’s mystery so I figured I would do that up super quick; it was also my plan to cut the rest of the pieces I would need so I could grab the reds for Kyle’s quilt. It was my plan to cut that out after I had stitched up the blocks. But as they say .. the best laid plans … I realized that with me finishing my Hopscotch borders, I didn’t have a leader n ender project ready to work on .. **sigh .. so before I could even start on Carmen’s mystery, I had to cut that out.

Time passes – heh

All the nickels are cut, and I’m sure that I figured wrong .. and of course I did, but at least I didn’t overcut .. I’ve had a headache all day, so it was rather distracting me (this is the mutated version of my icks I think .. headache along with sinus pain and pressure .. UGH!!)

So Carmen’s blocks get done and then I get brave and decide to piece Gran’s top .. time to get moving on this so I can get it in the mail to her soon. Everything is going great, no ripping required – Get it all sewn up and lay it on the floor .. oops .. flipped the bottom row .. did I rippit?? NOPE . left it be, mostly because I was rather thinking of this arrangement anyways, so I’m good with it. I measure the quilt top and would you believe that it actually all measured up perfectly .. every spot was the same measurement!! WOOO HOOO I have NEVER done that before EVER!! **kittyhappydance!! (I measure in 3 places along the width and along the length of a quilt top.). Attach the borders on the sides and finish piecing the 4 patches, then cut out for the HSTs.

All the pieces are stitched and pressed .. I was about to start putting them together, just to push this thru to be DONE – when I realized that I needed to square the HSTs and the 4 patches .. heh .. I guess my roll hit a bump .. I’m done for the nite – but oh WOW did I gets a LOT done.

Tomorrow (today now) we are heading over to Detroit (Auburn Hills) to go to Great Lakes Crossings so Reg can get some shirts, well just around the corner is a Joann’s Etc. so I’m finally getting to go to Joann’s for the first time in like EVER it seems LOL .. I have still to make up my list, but I know I want to check out some poly batting (the thinner the better), a brayer, see if they have the jacquard paints there (not holding my breath), muslin, yellows (remnant bin) and and and .. well you get the picture – Reg can go haunt Target .. let’s hope my back can handle the Mall and then shopping at Joann’s


2 thoughts on “Rolling along …

  1. I love how Gran’s top is coming along. It looks gorgeous !! Happy that you are getting the blocks for Kyle’s quilt done as well. I really like thos alot. I scrubbed my house today and I got a baby hat done for a shower tomorrow and I finished my Basic cable hat and I made the coaster that is a mystery on one of my knitting groups. I really got alot done today too but thankfully I didn’t have the headache you are having. I do hope that it is gone soon. It is nice not to be in pain LOL
    Mercy is purring away in my lap and wants to send scritches to Pix. This cat really is psychic LOL. Thank for sharing your blog pics and pics of my latest hats are up on my blog if you want to go take a look. Hugs. JoyB


  2. Girl you are on a roll. I wish I could say the same. There is no rolling here. LOL.
    I like the opps arrangement. It gives the quilt its own uniqueness. great job. I would of left it too.


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