Finishes n Starts

Q uilt stuff happened again .. You’d think this was a record for me – heh .. Well I like having a ‘finish’ to cross off my ToDo list .. all the border pieces for my Hopscotch quilt are finally done! That always feels good .. granted it has to be attached to the quilt and my corners need to be stitched on, but that’s nothing. Easily manageable. I really do like doing border pieces and other small low priority projects with the leaders n enders. it gets these pesky ‘chores’ done without you even realizing it .. So it’s a nice gift to yourself 😀

So my priority list has changed a wee bit. With the 2 of Kyle’s blocks (see below) done for now, I want to get some other projects moving again. I got the flannel for Gran’s backing yesterday and getting her top pieced and the backing put on really nothing – I’m not sure if I’ll quilt it or tie it. I’m thinking tie it because it’s just the 2 layers, but with the backing being flannel .. I was thinking to tie it at the ‘4patch & HST’ intersections’. So that would mean it’s being tied every 4″ – that should be close enough?? What do you think?

Got another of Kyle’s blocks cut out and stitched yesterday. I have to be cagey about how much I show n tell here. The bugger likes to poke his nose into my blog and read what’s happening .. I’ve managed to keep him off the puter and have purposely put it at the botton of the page, but have decided to code word it Spinning Stars and will make no more reference to it being his quilt. That’s all I need for him to twig to the fact that it’s his cmas present .. and yes the brat would figure it out .. he’s to smart for my own good sometimes 😉 But here are the two blocks together – WOW! I’m pumped bout this quilt .. I honestly actually think that this is the best design I’ve ever done!! Honestly! The red in the 2nd block is closer to the actual Reg Wings colours, but I only have so much of that and actually didn’t remember I had it until last nite. I think the challenge for me will be finding a close enough yellow. The middle of the star is prolly closest to UofM’s colour, but that was my only charm of that colour. The yellow polka dots that I’ve used (go ahead and click on it, it’ll open in a new window) is pretty much what I have. Why do I always seem to not have enough yellow??? Why can’t this colour breed when I’m not looking pfft

Blocks 1 & 2

At any rate, doing Grans’ quilt, finishing the top for my hopscotch, quilting my Michigan Left and of course the 1800 quilt .. yup still have a list and a half .. plus maybe doing some Cmas stuff to sell .. we’ll just have to see how it goes.

One thought on “Finishes n Starts

  1. Kyle’s quilt looks really great but hard.

    Actually it’s really easy Joanie ..

    HSTs and squares .. That’s all it is .. And there’s the trick for HSTs .. Cut them a smidge larger than need be .. In this case 3 7/8″ actual size .. Cut them for 4″ and trim them down .. That way they are square 🙂




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