Wow quilt stuff happening ..

I finally managed to do something quilty today .. actually double quilty I guess .. I got to buy fabric, and I did kyle’s block and I have one strip together almost two, of my borders for my hopscotch quilt.

It was nice to do quilty stuff today .. even with all the other stuff that had to be done .. My dad called me this AM to see if i was ready to hit the fabric store and pick up a few other things I needed .. (one shot for the cats, cat food etc) .. so off we went .. The sale was still going on for the flannel **WOOOHOOOO and it was cheaper – almost 50% cheaper than the last time .. this time it was $2.75/meter .. (which is roughly 39″) .. so I got just over a meter for the flannel for my 1800 quilt batting, and then 4 yards of a nice solid turquoise for the backing for gran’s quilt .. I asked if she would cut it into 2 yard cuts – certainly make my life easier for piecing it! They still have their discontinued fabrics on sale for $3.00/meter .. I found some red which would be nice curtains in my living room, but of course I’ve not measured them yet – and chances are, if I bought, it would be under.  I would go back to get more and they would be out .. I supposed I could have just bought some and taken my chances .. but I behaved myself 🙂  I figured out the backing pre coffee .. or at least during coffee and checked it out with a chart I’ve downloaded for backing .. I always forget I have these charts and do the math first .. but it’s nice to see that I am right in that regard . gives me much needed confidence some days!!

Came home, found Pix gave him his shot, then vacuumed the house, hunted down shad in the basement and then started the laundry. when Kyle got home from school, I had already decided that he would give the dog her bath .. I would get her it the tub, flea comb her, and then he could bathe her with me micro managing .. Orion will not get into the tub for anyone else but me .. so that means that her baths fall to me .. Not today .. the vacuuming kills my back .. while I’m not spasming still .. I’m still tender and I get sore.

So at this point, shopping done, both cats given their shots, dog flea combed and bathed, floors vacuumed .. it was decided that supper would be a fend for yourself nite .. which really helped me out .. I’m still ick and I was already whacked from doing all I’ve done ..

it wasn’t until much later that I even started on Kyle’s block .. I confused myself a few times, did the froggy stitch a few more times than that .. but I wanted this block done TONITE!! Of course while I was piecing is block together, I did my leaders n enders .. welp – all the ‘block’ sections are put together and I actually have one strip of 5 put together and am one short of another strip of 5 put together .. yeah my ‘border’ is a wee bit wonky, but at this point .. i’m not worried about it .. I’ll rip later if need be .. it just feels rather good to call it done – for now ..

I really do like how this turned out … it looks SOOO much better ‘live’ than as a layout with the icky paint colours – this thing is just going to hum with life with that red in there!  I need to use a brigher / bolder yellow tho – time to dig into my stash and see what I can find .. I sure hope he likes this .. my dad, philistine that he is (no pun intended – his first name is Phil LOLOL), took one look at it and turned his nose up at it .. i was rather put out by it, then he proceeds to try and con me out of a watercolor quilt for his bed .. uh huh .. right .. i told him it would be like $200 in material .. he goes .. I’ll give you $200 for material .. my reply .. then I’ll give you $200 of material .. that ended that discussion for now, but I’m sure that itll come up again .. this isn’t the first time we’ve had this discussion.

I’m whacked and heading to bed .. be safe and dream sweet!


4 thoughts on “Wow quilt stuff happening ..

  1. Oh, the block is even better in person! How COOL is that!!

    LOL at the conversation with Phil – either he doesn’t get it, or he’s trying to pull one over on you!!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon (you sure got a lot done for not feeling well!).

    Thanx Tracy ..I really do like it!! I made a ‘change’ that makes it look better without realizing it .. The white all spins in the same direction now

    LOL my dad .. He’s trying to pull one over on me .. He’s been after the fallabration quilt too, – $45 I tell him .. Oh I really like that LOL .. Yeah thanx .. But it’s still $45

    Gotta love my dad

    Thanx .. It’s a different ick today .. More head stuffy



  2. Gracie,
    I like your hop skip
    Aww look at the pretty girl in the tub. She is so cute.
    Kyle looks over joyed..LOL James didnt like to give our big dogs baths but he did . It was the fun after he really like..
    they running around the house barking and running wild.. and us after them with towels trying to dry them off..LOL it was allot of fun
    LOVE the test block. WOW great colors and it sure POP out that red.. LOVE it!!!
    IF Kyle doesnt like it I SURE

    Thanx Judi .. It was super simple to do too .. I uploaded the pattern to OST there’s pdf and pp versions .. Help yourself lady!

    Actually kyle had fun doing it .. For now LOL .. Once it becomes a ‘job’ for him, he won’t like it so much LOL

    She likes it okay .. She’s eyeing a dog treat on the counter and had just finished a bit of one too LOL .. I give her bits of treats when she’s in the tub .. Well getting her there you used to need them .. Now she just jumps in for me .. What a clever girl ..

    Yup … My floor got ‘washed’ yesterday too .. **sigh .. I think that he’ll try to keep her in the kitchen after baths now – heheheheh what a mess LOL

    Thanx Judi .. I ripped that thing out more than I stitched .. But I really wanted to see it done and I LOVE it too



  3. Gracie, I love the block. It is wonderfulllllll. All of your stuff is great although I havent told you sol:) Love to see it all. Keep up the good work and welcome to the michigan canada area. Paula

    Thanx Paula that’s really sweet of you. I hope he likes it .. I’m sure he will .. but i just have to keep it hidden for a bit .. might hang it the closet in here .. you know – the one I keep hiding in?? he won’t go in there 🙂


  4. I really like your block, does it have a name? What size is it?

    Hi dorothy – Thank you

    It’s 21″ – the original block I drafted was 28″ – It could even be brought down to 14″

    I’ve not named it yet .. Nothings popped out at me yet .. But I ‘m sure it will



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