Martial Arts = Cat Bathing; Icks

N ot much was accomplished today .. well not as much as I would have liked. Pixel and Shadow both got baths, Orion will get hers tomorrow .. after doing the cats and cooking supper, i was just wiped out .. didn’t even vacuum today – but in my defense, Kyle didn’t bring the vacuum up like I had asked and I had already done the cats by the time he got home .. it just wasn’t going to happen today. It’s upstairs now, and will be done tomorrow.

Based on my research, I’m not going to wait a week for the ‘residual’ chemicals to come off the cats this time, they are getting the one-shot tomorrow .. after my dad brings to buy more. We grabbed one packet and have 2 cats .. there’s not enough to do both of them. Then a day after Orion gets her bath, she gets the one-shot as well. I tried to keep the shampoo on longer this time, but Pix and Shad were less tolerant of the bath this time, while I didn’t get bit or scratched, It was an effort to keep them in the sink .. rather like doing martial arts and blocking kicks n punches .. LOL Oh the blonde one is pix and the black is shadow .. pathetic critters aren’t they .. poor things ..

I shot off a nasty email to the corporate office of the store that I had dealt with and was given ‘some’ information .. here’s a tidbit of what I sent them ..

.. I’ve a flea problem in my house and the employee in question came off as an expert on flea riddance, but based on my own research, she knew as much as I did .. and we ended up spending $60 in there .. premise spray, one-shots for the cats and maybe something for the dog .. i misremember at this time ..

[blog post inserted into email]

I’ve been a customer of —— for prolly 20 years now, and I’m just astounded by this .. when we went in to buy a flea comb, another lady in this store said that all these products are a waste of time and nothing kills them .. can someone PLEASE make up MY MIND!!!!!

and of course since we didn’t operate based on the fleas life cycle, we STILL HAVE THEM and the premise that we purchased cost $20 / $30

Your employees should NOT be dispensing how to get rid of fleas since they obviously have no clue or maybe they should be educated on the flea life cycle .. or are they just trained to make the customer spend money and to heck with how someone’s pets are suffering!

Yeah .. i’m a wee bit ticked .. pfft!!!

On the quilty front, I did manage to get some scraps cut out for kyle’s lap quilt. you know .. using scraps in quilts is so neat, but man is it a lot of work to cut them all out .. could be because i’m not feeling well .. but it just seemed like it was a HUGE effort and I just do NOT have the energy right now to stitch them up .. that will be hopefully be on the agenda for tomorrow… we’ll just have to see after I vacuum and drown errrr bath the dog ..

My dad also stopped by today .. it appears that he and I are both suffering from the same ick .. I’ve not seen him in 4 days or so, so we didn’t give it to each other .. granted he was with Kyle on Saturday – so we have that constant .. please pray for my dad .. I just went thru the hospital thing with him last month and have no burning desire for him to be that sick again!! me either .. so please toss a prayer in for me as well 🙂


One thought on “Martial Arts = Cat Bathing; Icks

  1. Poor babies.. look so
    I know your doing what you can to keep them flea free.
    I liked what you sent off to the company. if more poeple would do this JUST maybe they would do something about the ppl they train to be more helpful
    PS adding you and Dad to my prayers


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