I’ve been icked!

Yup, I’m getting sick again .. **sigh .. bloody hell!

I wasn’t to motivated yesterday to get much done quilt-wise .. altho I did start on my Michigan left – did the border ‘frame’ – totally the opposite of what i normally do – mostly b/c this batting seems puffy to me and I wanted to see what it actually looked like quilted .. It’s not all that bad, but I knew I would have had to quilt closer together maybe – but wanted to do a patch of free motion to see what it actually looked like .. I decided on black thread for this – white didn’t seem right for some reason ..

So I get the ‘frame’ done, okay .. i think i can live with this .. then I start the freemotion – bah .. black upper thread, white bobbin thread .. *&^$^& the 15 was not meant to be my everyday machine so I only have one bobbin for it .. I have other bobbins that fit, but they don’t lock in on the bobbin winder, soooo 1 bobbin .. and I just wound this one .. so for now .. this one will go aside until I finish with this bobbin and then I’ll do some black … oh crap .. i’m using a light backing .. I wanted white thread for a reason .. might be time to rethink my upper thread .. maybe something dark-ish, but will work with white .. maybe yellow or a light green .. that might work .. the white thread doesn’t show on regular quilting, but does on free motion .. ah well .. anything more complicated than 1+1 right now is beyond my ken .. even then I have to use my fingers ..

While watching my Saints play like a high school team tonite (altho there were some GREAT plays .. Go REGGIE!!!) ahem .. i sorted thru my scrap bag and pulled likely reds, whites or WOW, blues, and yellows for kyle’s quilt (which has changed again btw – but more on that later) I’ve not measured these yet, and chances are they will have to be tossed back into my scrap bag .. (I think I should start to sort these by colour and pick up some cheapo baskets / bins at the dollar store .. ) measuring right now just seems like way to much effort .. i do want to get this started b/c you know as well as I do that time just zips past us – and I might be super busy in the next months with quilty stuff for gifts and whatnot ..

Kyle’s favourite colour is red .. and while looking at his layout – I seemed that I didn’t use as much red as I could have, so I started to toss colours around and what not. Plus the idea of all that white in a 13yo boys quilt .. nope .. not gonna happen .. so I minimize the amount of white and just kept it for encircling the stars, but made the main background colour red and ‘created’ a sawtooth star in the center that will be UofM’s colours, backlit in red, just like the friendship star  .. so voila! I think that this is soo much better .. and will be more tailored for him

Update on the flea battle ..
I wanted to find out some information on the life cycle of a flea, so I looked it up .. I finally found some information that I hadn’t before .. Basically the female can lay up to 50 eggs per day and she can live 4 – 6 weeks .. Okay that’s not so shocking – rather fits on how prolific pests are .. But NO ONE had told me that the eggs just drop off the host animal!!! So my plan of vacuuming every 3 or 4 days is useless as these puppies can hatch anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks later (!) .. So Lord knows how many new batches of fleas I’ve missed that are starting the bloody cycle yet again (!!) ..

So vacuuming daily, flea comb daily and bathe them .. Oh another ‘myth’ was debunked too .. The lady at the pet store said that the residual chemicals from the flea shampoo stays with them for a week .. Well guess what .. NOT TRUE!!! Residual effects from a flea bath .. 24 hrs TOPS!! So for that week between baths, the buggers were merrily breeding away and dropping eggs all over the house that were hatching every 2 days and just infesting my babies .. I mean .. why would she tell me the truth .. cripes! It’s not in her economic interest to tell me the truth – that means that the store would lose sales of flea products to me .. and the line that they really push and recommend, isn’t cheap **sigh .. So all this time, I’ve been working my butt off to get the fleas killed and it’s not working b/c I missing their life cycle and Lord knows how many batches of the buggers have been starting a new cycle over and over again .. bloody hell!

Oh yeah .. Searching life cycle and researching MYSELF would have saved me about 2 weeks of fleas and I might be almost done the battle .. Bloody hell! I’m so blasted mad bout this .. And Pix has an open sore on the back of his neck from where they are getting him … So the flea collar went back on last nite to hopefully keep them away from his neck .. The poor baby .. I looked at his neck a short time ago an the sore is healing – so maybe the collar is keeping them from that area.

I HATE misinformation – it’s so bloody costly .. Specially since the stuff we use gets used up and we have to replace it and it costs MONEY .. gee you think that was her point!!  blasted TWIT!!!!  Bloodyhell – and it’s not even that .. my poor animals are the ones that are suffering, Orion is banished from the bedrooms (but this one), the cats are banished from them too .. and they don’t understand why they can’t go into any of these rooms with soft beds and sunny ledges ..


2 thoughts on “I’ve been icked!

  1. Gracie,
    on my carpets I use Enforcer flea killer
    Sprinkle and Vac It stops the life cycle of the eggs/babbies.
    Call a vet and get the pill for flea.
    Mine down here are 11.84(with tax) for SNoopy and 12.00 for Bubba I use them for 6 months( flea months) then off in the winter


  2. Gracie, my dog (14 pounds) gets about 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic on her breakfast every morning. No fleas but you don’t want her to breath in your face right after breakfast. She is not exposed to flea area very much but NO FLEAS.


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