If you can believe it, I finally got the Michigan Left basted! I did thread basting a la Sharon Schambers again – I’m still trying to work out ‘my method’ for doing this .. not that her’s isn’t great – but I think I need to fiddle with my stitch length .. I used a poly bat for this one .. not used poly in YEARS and still not sure if I like it .. but, with me selling this, and ppl not wanting to pay the price of something done in cotton bat, I need to find a way to bring my cost down so that ppl will be inclined to buy. I want to find thin poly bat – this one seemed thin enough, but in hindsight (after basting), I’m not sure it’s going to be thin enough to suit me .. it might just change my quilting pattern .. but I’ll know more when I start to quilt.

I designed Gran’s borders today .. I think it looks rather sharp!! All I actually need to do is create 11 more blocks and just use them by half .. altho a thought does occur to me – with the added 1″ narrow border, that is going to change my block size, so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to use the exact size that’s in the quilt .. I’ve not drafted this as of yet, so we’ll just have to see .. and that outer ‘border’ is in actuality, the binding – I like to get a visual of exactly how it’ll look when it’s done. I’ll be doing the borders scrappy as well with hopefully some of the same fabrics – if I have any left of them .. I’m sure I do – but we’ll have to see .. Instead of HSTs in the corners, I just might do squares instead. It does occur to me after looking at it, if I continue the borders all the way to the edges, then I shouldn’t have to do deal with any math, as the extended borders will ‘frame’ the sections nicely .. my version of quiltpro doesn’t allow me that sort of design license, so I’ll have to do this by hand on draft paper.

In response to a challenge that is still in our testers group, I drafted up this block for me – this isn’t the way it started out on draft paper – as I started to add the colours, I saw different movement and clicked away like mad. Well while doing this, I was thinking about doing a lap quilt for kyle for cmas. He’s using his quilts I made him for when he was in a toddler bed – so I think that he’s due for a new one (oh and while I didn’t find all the backing for his bed quilt, I did find other stuff I can use for backing .. so that will be getting pieced soon). I started thinking about how this block would look in a quilt and then started to play again ..

I want to do his team colours and maybe his teams logos like I did for Reg’s quilt – while this one won’t have them the way reg’s did, I can still do smaller ones for the corners or maybe 2 in the center of the quilt (UofM & Red Wings) .. I’m still thinking about it .. oh his teams?? UofM, Detroit Red Wings, Indy Colts – and well we won’t touch baseball .. I think he professes to be a Detroit Tiger fan to stop reg and I from ribbing him, but I think he’s still a Boston fan at heart .. Sports teams gets pretty nasty in my house LOLOLOL ..but that’ll be another post.

So his colours for this quilt would be yellows (maize), blues, reds, (his favourite colour!!) and white / neutrals .. and this quilt has all those colours in it!! Altho with hi being a 13 yo boy, I’m not sure bout white .. we’ll have to see .. These blocks are 21″ so that will give him a good size lapquilt for himself. What’ll be even nicer, I can get all the HSTs ready right under his nose – LOLOLOLOL There are times I love how sneaky you can be, being a quilter 🙂


6 thoughts on “Be-MUSED-ed

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  2. Go COLTS!!!
    now I know why i LOVE your Son.. hes a COLT fan…lol
    His top looks good


    LOL thanx Judi ..

    I think that I’m going to do a post on our sports teams .. And if anyone knows college sports their hackles will raise and wonder why we don’t kill each other LOLOLOL

    Go saints!!! Go raiders!!!

    **runs ..


  3. (pre-coffee here). The block/quilt for Kyle is great. Actually, I was prepared to say the block is great, but made up into a quilt it’s even better.

    On your Gran’s borders… did you mean for the top and bottom to be asymmetrical? And, don’t shoot me, but have a look at the last three columns of the BODY of the quilt.

    I’m going to go now… *ducks*

    Hi Tracy

    I understand the pre-coffee part LOL

    Thank you on the block .. I had a lot of fun playing with that!! And Kyle is just going to love it ..

    Actually if you look at this entry here – you’ll see a pic of the layout .. I started out as a barn raising and fell LOL .. The middle purple ‘block section’ is the focal point and the other’s just sort of float around it like dust motes 🙂

    So yup – that’s how it ended up .. You know I never do anything ‘balanced’ if I can avoid it 😀


  4. I’m so impressed with your original block! Really like your border for Gran’s quilt. If I ever finish my nickel quilt, I think I’l follow your lead. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!! smile

    Aw thanx Dian .. I can’t take credit for this Mary did this for a heart strings quilt she was doing and I was just sooo tickled by it! That I had to try it .. And I’ve figured that if I extend the border from edge to edge in all directions, then I don’t have to fuss with math the for the borders .. Just use the blocks as is



  5. Gracie, about Gran’s quilt… You could continue your dark border all the way to the edges – “bracketing” the center section of border, and the corner blocks – so you wouldn’t need to change the size of your block/parts! At least, I think that would work. Huh?


  6. Hi Grace! I haven’t stopped by your blog in ages. I use Sharon’s basting method too. Isn’t it great?! I love your “Gran” quilt design. Very nice! Hugs, Cissy


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