Colour Family Mystery – Clues 2 & 3

Quiltier today than yesterday .. I was rather blah yesterday and really can’t think of anything I stitched .. One of the little things I did today was clues 2 & 3 for Carmen’s Colour Family Mystery. Here is clue 2 & 3 for the mystery .. I wasn’t in the best of moods when I started to stitch these blocks and this poor thing was ripped apart more times that a little 4 ½” block deserved, but it did help me to center myself .. Rather amazing how frustrating itty bitty piece of fabric can make you .. heh .. The red one on the left is the mini I am doing for the current run of the mystery; the purple one on the right is the test quilt from labour day weekend.

Of course while I was working on this, I was doing my border for my Hopscotch quilt as a leaders n enders project .. I’m now to the point where I’ve 7 more strips to sew, then the block border units are done .. after that .. I just have to stitch them all together and put them on the quilt!

Finally I decided on borders for the Michigan Left **kittyhappydancing .. This is the pattern I found at called Caroline Byways, split 9 patch, and I’ve had this sitting with no borders for a while now b/c I just didn’t know what to do with it .. I decided on green because there isn’t any dark green in this quilt .. and Michigan has some gorgeous scenery in the northern part of the state and the U P – I’ve enough to do the binding the same green, but might go a deep red to really offset it .. not decided on that part yet .. and if I said I was / did .. then you would be like ‘yeah, right’ .. you’ll change your mind 50 times before you get there 😉

With this month being the OST Octoberfest Sew-in Retreat, I’m concentrating on getting some finishes done. There’s quite a few projects on my list that I’ve ignored, so they’re getting some attention .. I think what’s finally pushed me on this is that I’ve decided on the quilting for it .. so now I’m moving forward 😀 I’m half considering to baste this tonite so maybe I can start quilting this .. not to sure on this yet ..

But looking at the time, prolly not .. so this will likely happen tomorrow; I’ve also been eying Gran’s quilt and thanks to Mary and what she did for borders on some Heartstrings Blocks that were given to her – I’m plotting gran’s borders in my head 😀 .. I’m not exactly sure what post it is or I would link directly to it, but what she did was use a thin inner border and then cut some blocks in half to use as the outer border .. it looks soooo awesome .. I fell in love with the idea and can’t wait to try it .. so Gran’s quilt is the guinea pig for this – Thanx for the great idea Mary!!


2 thoughts on “Colour Family Mystery – Clues 2 & 3

  1. Oh, Grace. Love, love the Michigan Left! Fab colors. I have admired the Carolina Byways for a long time and wanted to do one like it. Maybe I can do one and call it Texas Hill Country. Gee, so many pattrns and so little time. Hugs, Dian

    It’s such an easy quilt to do too .. Once you get the first one done, the rest is a snap!!

    Oh that sounds so cool .. Don’t forget your medium values like I did – but my next one will have it .. The basis of the colourwash look is to have light & dark in each block .. Not extremes .. But I think that the extremes turned out VERY well 😉

    Oh wait . You have hills in tx????



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