Wednesday’s Whimper

There are days I shouldn’t touch a thing quilt-related .. yesterday was prolly one of them ..

I finished the Rhododendron water colour and I’m not sure I’m happy with it at all … besides the fact that I can call it done!

Let me explain a bit here .. in yesterday’s post, I mentioned that the squares were off .. not where they were supposed to be and I couldn’t figure out where they were misplaced. I compared it with my ‘stewing’ pic and even tho I knew the area where they were off, I couldn’t find the right pieces to maybe rip and replace. So I threw my paws in the air and said “pfft .. forget it”. Then I pushed myself to finish it and didn’t do all the ‘right’ things .. meaning I didn’t use my borders to square it up (see the friendly waves you get???), when I initially basted it, the back wasn’t flat and taunt – so I took that out and gave up for the nite. Well today I decided I would ‘birth’ it instead of going to all the bother and fuss of layer, quilt, then bind. That worked out well.

Before I birthed it, I did remember to add my ‘binding’ with a 3⁄4″ strip of fabric that I had over-dyed then discharged. That does look really nice 🙂 Rather pulls the pinks / reds from the “flower’ out more me thinks .. The birthing and quilting looked fine – I did freemotion quilting around the ‘flower’ and then did some curlys swirlies outside of that, and loopy de loos in the border. Well when I laid it out, this thing has more waves than the Pacific Ocean after a tidal wave. So I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t bother to square it up .. all b/c I was discouraged by not finding the pieces to put right.

So I’m good with the quilting, but disappointed that I lost the ‘flower’ that took me a few weeks to do,(as i saw it and had it laid out) and how wavy it is .. The overall appearance of it is good .. the colours are nice and I was pleased to be able to use a dyed fabric in there .. I usually try to with wc quilts. Next time – strip piecing … and losing them .. I kept checking the dog, cats, my dad and kid yesterday for missing squares :\

So this is a bittersweet finish for me .. I am glad that it’s done .. I am pleased with the overall look and my quilting .. but missing my flower ..

And as promised – my finally repaired 97 swap quilt. When I pulled it out the dryer last nite, I noticed that a few edges didn’t quite make it .. especially the block where I changed almost the whole thing .. so I put in on my machine today and tacked down the bits that were sticking out .. but voila! My finished repair job .. and I do feel good about that one!

Oh and that lump that’s second row from the bottom, first block on the left .. Pixel – heheheheh


5 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Whimper

  1. Grace, you should be proud if it. You did a nice job. I never would have thought to make one in all flowers.


  2. Thank you Claudia .. I’ll be fine .. I am glad it’s done – this was also the first wc that I made from a picture – so that’s an accomplishment there ..



  3. Maybe you posted your inspiration photo and I missed it but I do like this a lot. Maybe a good blocking will tame some of the wave – although I rarely do any blocking, I’m going to block the Wonky Trees before hanging it.


  4. Hi there Grace,

    I like it, & love the colours!! But what do you mean in quilting when you use the term ‘birthed it’?? I hadn’t heard it before in a sewing circle!!

    Thanks. 🙂


  5. waving back…lol
    It looks good down here.
    Just keep it as a learning test quilt..


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