Tuesday’s Tribulations ..

This is sort of a red letter day ~ I completed one project and am about to baste another .. well I had it basted, then looked at the back and went nuh uh .. and took it out .. i was rushing it to have it basted, but it’ll hold for now ..

While watching “The Biggest Loser” tonite, I finished the repairs on my 97 swap quilt. I sure hope I didn’t miss any spots to stitching or else I’m gonna be pretty ticked at myself .. next time this baby needs a repair .. I hear appliqued spot in it’s immediate future .. I am sure that other places are ready to go .. with the abuse that this quilt has suffered over the years, I am actually surprised that it’s not in worse shape .. don’t have pics of it yet as it’s in the dryer, but will post those tomorrow ..

The rhododendron WC was my other step forward today .. altho I think I missed something .. or shifted it .. Dad did a drive by tonite and was visiting while I was getting this together .. while he was here I actually had to rip like 4 times **sigh .. it just doesn’t look right in one corner and it can’t all be because of the seam allowance .. am I going to rip it .. not bloody likely! I’m not even sure where it’s off and I’ve looked and looked and looked .. applique can hide many things 😉 I’ll try to baste this again tomorrow .. then maybe start quilting it if I can .. since this is smaller than the 1800 quilt it should be easier for me to shift around ..

Tomorrow is also bath day for the critters .. heh .. chain mail not needed for me 🙂


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