Maniac Monday ..

The battle of the fleas is heating up 🙂 I’ve turned myself into a flea warrior and will not quit until they are all dead! My battle plan is easy .. critter baths, and oodles of vacuuming and washing. **sigh ..

Yesterday it took me bout 3 hours to vacuum my house .. now I don’t have a big house – it’s roughly 1000 ft2, and that’s mostly on one floor .. 3 bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. We have hardwood floors and ceramic tile, with this crappy industrial stuff in the bedrooms. I used the shop vac and got just about every nook and cranny. Moved the couch, tv, tables, stove (not the fridge or water cooler), got on my hands and knees and got in all the edges too. I didn’t move mum’s entertainment center .. it’s just to bloody big. Critters are still scratching, but I will not give in. What I think I need to do is also buy a flea comb. For some reason with the cats, the fleas really stick to their furr and we spend forever picking them out. So baths for the critters and then the flea comb and vacuuming in all the nooks and crannies too .. I didn’t do kyle’s room (bugger didn’t pick up his floor). There was NO way I could bend over by the time I was done with the sewing room – nor did I move a bunch of stuff in here, but i will have to. Kyle is going to vacuum his room when he gets home from school and my room as well.

I did get a LOT of great ideas from this page here for natural flea prevention and plan do use some of these ideas .. the eucalyptus and the borax sounds good to me .. I still have to figure out the basement – i am NOT looking forward to that!! Figure i can use the “sprinkling” idea down there

Before I did the house, I got the flannel pieced for my 1800 quilt – I wanted to get it done before kyle went to school so he could put the machine down for me – heh .. I’m calling this section “frankensection” as the back is pieced for this one too LOL. But it’s all basted and just waiting for me to quilt it .. I’ll try in a bit as my back is protesting from the abuse from yesterday and Sunday (dog bathing), if I can’t, I have my rhodendron wc or gran’s quilt to work on.

I could have had my 97 swap quilt finished last nite too! I just rather ran out of steam on it tho. I did get 4 more patches sewn down and have the last 4 pinned :D. WOOO HOOO .. I’ll finish that tonite watching “The Biggest Loser” That’ll be something off my list! I think next I might work on gramma’s quilt next for tv hand work .. I’m going to tie this one (first time ever) and finish up the binding – just one side left and there’s still the hand qulting i started while up North in Bobcaygeon ..


One thought on “Maniac Monday ..

  1. Salt. That’s now Mom got rid of the fleas in her house. You can go to to see why it works… I don’t want to say it here because this might be family show. 😉


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