Sunday Stitches, etc ..

T oday I decided to try to cut out the fabrics I needed for clue #1 of Carmen’s all in the colour family mystery .. I’m not back to ‘normal’ yet (whatever that is??) so didn’t want to aggravate what progress I’ve made by overdoing it. This time around, I wanted to do red, in a mini size .. each clue will end up 4 ½” unfinished. I think that it’s going to be just darling!! I went for a more ‘masculine’ taste this time .. altho the red floral on white rather kills that .. BUT maybe they won’t notice?? ah well .. what can you say .. it’s not girly girl.

Not only did I manage to cut out the strips for clue #1, I actually managed to sew it 🙂 I put the strips on ‘backwards’ for one and that rather threw off my married seams so whacked it out a size a bit, but it sure gives anyways, so I’m not entirely to worried about it .. heh .. note the penny for size comparison. This is my first ‘mini’ and I actually pretty excited about it .. let me tell you .. sewing one up is a wee bit different than other pieces I’ve done .. You’ve got to be spot on for each and every seam .. if you’re not .. boy you can really notice it .. but there’s no way I’m frogging this .. nuh uh ..

I did manage to get 8 more patches repaired on my 97 swap quilt. What takes the longest is ripping out the old stitches and making sure that I’ve gotten all the old material out of there .. if not, then you can see it .. Today because the green fabric was fraying at the seam edge, I stitched the patch right on top instead of under the green .. I’m hoping that is the worst block to repair .. Granted this is for me and I’m not expecting this to be perfect nor am I doing this til it’s perfect .. functional really does work for me in this case .. I figure I can make all the mistakes on this one. So after tomorrow’s football game, I should have another set of 4 patches done .. maybe 8 in total .. and if that’s the case, that’s the whole quilt repaired .. then there’ll be some spot repairs in other areas .. not to sure how I’m going to do them yet – I’ll have to think about it.

I couldn’t stand to watch the cats and dog scratch like fiends anymore .. so they all got baths! yes even the cats .. I did the dog outside so I wouldn’t have to bend over the tub .. it was easier, but I was still done in after that for a few hours. Then it was a matter of waiting for Shadow to make her appearance .. Pix is always around – but Shadow makes her own schedule – she comes up at nite when everyone’s in bed .. pfft .. I had no clue if she was a howler yowler or not and if I would have skin left after I was done .. it’s not her nature to go after anyone, but trying to get away, she might take a substantial amount of me with her .. Kyle managed to grab her and bring her up .. She got washed in the kitchen sink 🙂 and i have all my skin too! She didn’t say a word until afterwards when I was drying her belly .. she growled at me – heh .. after all she went thru, I figured she’d had enough and let her go .. under the couch she went to clean herself off .. Pix was as easy as I thought, but he fought me more ..

So no bites scratches etc .. I’ll be having to do all the animals again this week .. I’m going totally militant now … the one shots haven’t worked, nor the collars, and we will have to be more evil with cleaning – if this doesn’t work, it’ll be treatment at the vet and a professional bombing of our house .. so .. flea killer grace is on the move 🙂 tomorrow I will vacuum every nook and cranny . I think I can handle to do that . .but with my back, there is no way I can do the whole house by myself .. I might have to get the kid to wash the floor .. naw .. I’d rather cripple myself first .. it’ll be done right the first time ..


4 thoughts on “Sunday Stitches, etc ..

  1. Gracie, I can just see you with those cats! heh heh heh, and I know well the war with fleas! Not up here oddly enough, but I am everso thankful not a problem!! Great work on the swap quilt, one more evening and its done! mostly 🙂 It will be nice to cuddle with it again, ey? And you are one step ahead of the designer on doing the mini challenge! Good news is…I decided on my colors for it, finally! and they are not in the orange family! LOL


  2. We just don’t get flea infestations here (thank you God!) but I had a friend in BC who swore by giving garlic and garlic powder on her kitties food. She said it kept the fleas off, and she could stand her little furballs roving around giving off a slight Italian odour hehehe.


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