7 Sections Done

I did it! All the pieces that I had basted are now quilted!! A few days later than I wanted it to be, but ah well .. what can you do! I spent the past 2 days just taking my time quilting up the rest of the sections.

I did have one moment of worry that my machine was going on vaca and not taking it with me!! At first I thought it was my basting .. this is the one where I did thread basting – I’m thinking to myself .. oh I couldn’t have done it that badly!! Then I noticed (after I was just bout done) that the stitching was pulling and laying on top of my quilting .. I’m like .. I KNOW I didn’t change the tension! But then I sat there thinking .. with all the stops and starts, twists and turns, I betcha that either I or the quilt hit the tension and changed it. The thread wasn’t pulling thru freely either. So I actually finished quilting (Why??? I have no bloody idea as I knew I was going to frog this bit (?)), and then unthreaded the machine, changed the tension back to 3, (it was at 5), rethreaded it and started again ..

Well that fixed it .. All I had to do was rip out that quilting and start again .. of course this was the last section that I had to quilt!

Reg pulled up mum’s machine for me, so now I can piece the flannel that I have left from the other pieces and make enough for one more piece for section #8. Heh .. for this one I’ll even piece the back .. I have to piece one section back too ..

It’s hard to believe that I am sooo close to being finished!! Seriously .. I just have to trim these last sections down, attach them together, get more flannel next week, then ditch stitch all the way around the piece quilt, quilt the borders, bind it stitch it down and it’s actually done (!) This is the home stretch .. seems so hard to believe after all this time .. WOW!  I know this seems like a lot, but in reality it isn’t.  This is just bits n pieces that are all part of finishing a quilt.

So next steps are to do the piecing of flannel and back, baste and quilt that one section.

Once I get this piecing done, I might start cutting the piece for Carmen’s colour family mystery .. that started yesterday and while I have all week, I can just cut the bits that I need to make a mini 🙂 We’ll have to see.


3 thoughts on “7 Sections Done

  1. You go , gal! It’s marvelous that you were able to get this much done with your back gone on vaca!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see it all together.
    Bobbie in Texas


  2. Oh, I just hate ripping out quilting stitches but at least when you rip due to tension, the stitches come out easier.


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