Colour Family Mystery – Clue 1

This weekend marks the start of the OST (One Stitch At A Time) October Month Long sew-in .. which has now officially launched this with the release of her mystery – All in the Colour Family that I was part of testing on Labour Day weekend, but couldn’t post pics. These were my fabric choices. We needed dark, medium, light, pale and white ..

At the time I wrote this, I have been unable to cut due to back spasms .. I am better today and have actually sewed, but not sure I’ll be cutting yet … we’ll have to see. No more sharp, stabbing pains .. more like a steady burning now .. So I’ll sort of cheat .. I do want to share the fun I had with this mystery with you, so for now, I’ll be posting my test piece pics .. I’ll still show my new piece, but not until I can cut it and figure the math for it .. LONG story .. but it involves math and with pain killers, not even gonna trust it right now 😉

So, here’s Clue #1 – kind of makes you wonder, hmmm?? she’ll be releasing a clue a week – so stay tuned for more

I hope to be cutting my choices for the actual running of the mystery .. I want to do a mini this time around and in red me tinks .. so when i have that done, i will definitely be sharing that with you ..


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