Back at it again .. finally!

Finally the sharp, debilitating back spasms appear to be gone .. now it’s just the deep ache (burning ache) instead .. I was actually able to go to WalMart tonite and walk around for a bit … mind you, I had to use the cart to walk and support myself, but there was none of the ‘bring-you-to-your-knees” pain that I’ve been experiencing for the past 3 days .. or is it 2?? I’ve not sewn a stitch since the last entry where I pieced 3 sections on my 1800 quilt into one.

Tonite I did get some quilting done, not as much as I wanted, but enough to keep me content .. altho i could likely keep going, I want to stop now, take a hot bath and try to get to sleep at a somewhat decent hour .. last nite I tried to sleep from 1am on . didn’t finally fall asleep until like 5am .. I know I heard Reg’s alarm .. that so was not a fun / comfortable nite for me at all .. and I was still spasming last nite too.

I have now gotten 2 more sections totally finished quilted .. I wanted to do three tonite and sew them up, but I’ll leave that part of the construction until I’m feeling better. I’m going to have Reg set up mum’s machine (does zig zag) for me so I can piece the flannel for one section, then that only leaves me 1 section to buy flannel for and also getting flannel for gran’s quilt .. that is next on my list, as she should be home now from down South and it’ll be getting cooler up there now.

I’m not cutting for a bit either .. just the bits that I need to do for piecing the sections of this quilt. Carmen’s colour mystery started tonite and I haven’t cut anything for it … but I have a week until the next clue .. until then, later on today, I’ve a post scheduled that will show my first clue from when I tested the pattern on labour day weekend. I’ve a few posts that I’ve scheduled for later times – might want to subscribe to the feed for this blog as I’ll not always be posting that they are up on the lists.

So that’s it for tonite – early stopping and a hot bath .. maybe by not pushing myself (it’s not like i’ve a time limit on this quilt), I’ll heal sooner and be back to normal – well at least MY normal self

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Back at it again .. finally!

  1. Gracie you take care of that back and rest it up. Take a nice long soak, find a comfy chair to hand sew. I am doing the same for the same reason. We need to be strong and healthy to keep up with the members on OST and BEQ!


  2. Gracie,
    Take Care of yourself
    I remember last time your back hurt..
    Im back on line now.. hehe they have been doing work around here and guess what.. they took out the phone lines grrr


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