1800 Quilt As You Go .. is actually GOING!!!

L ast nite I had a mini brain storm / super nova .. I was thinking of a way to join my sections without having to do all the bloody pinning and hand stitching etc .. I remembered that I had some fusible tape and when .. oh coo .. I could fuse tape the front AND the back together and do 1 straight stitch all the way down .. well I got my fuse tape in, and the sections all pressed down and ready to go .. I did one pass .. and caught about 60% of the seam and had to sew it again as this was ‘glued’ with seam tape .. **sigh .. soooo I needed to do it again .. ah well .. the idea is SOUND .. but rather hard to get your seam exactly right when its underneath what you are sewing …

By that time, I was done for the nite .. heh .. I actually fired up the sewing room again, just to try this – yeah .. crack for quilters – I know .. Reg says it all the time – I’m rather used to it

So today, I’m thinking more about this in the back of my brain while I’m off doing other stuff .. okay .. fuse tape is a GREAT idea .. it really is .. but i still have the issue of the back seam, and I wouldn’t want to trust fuse tape .. forever .. call my a cynic .. I’ll live and promise not to have my feelings hurt- hehehehe

So I got another great idea, (there’s honestly nothing wrong with my ideas! Just some don’t work to well is all :P) The problem was having enough backing material to fold over to get completely under the stitching line .. so instead of cutting it the same size as my top, how bout I leave it ¼” bigger .. that should solve the problem of having enough seam to work with on the back .. so this time I sewed thru both top sections and ONE back section – the plan here was to press them all the same way and pre-press my back seam down (and no I didn’t use the seam tape this time . just in case I had to rip it out). Then I would do the same ditch stitch that I did on the other section .. This one worked pretty good me thinks .. I only have to hand tack down that one section there .. and that is something that I can live with for sure!

So I really don’t need to use the seam tape .. which is good – mine is 5/8″ wide .. cutting that stuff down is a bother I can do without. Leaving my backing material ¼” bigger than the top, gives me the wiggle room I need for the type of seam I want on the back .. oh and stitching thru the top and ONE back layer is going to work for me – now this quilt will never win any awards, but it’s a first for me and I’m rather proud of all that I’ve accomplished with this quilt ..

Now getting pictures of this thing is going to require some creativity on my part and daylight hours .. I do have a few ideas. I can take the sections here, but will likely have to take the finished thing to my dad’s and have it hang off the sunroof in order to get a really good shot of it .. I don’t have carmen’s woodpile to work with

Oh and Tracy meme’d me earlier .. I’m still going to do that .. just not gotten thru my list yet .. I’ve looked at it .. honestly .. heh .. but that’s about it for that for now .. but Tracy, I promise I’ll do it – I just might have to research what these songs actually are – I’m sure i don’t remember half of them LOL

One thought on “1800 Quilt As You Go .. is actually GOING!!!

  1. I had to hang out at YouTube for a number of the songs on “my” list… I think that one or two of them (ack! BeeGee attack!) have been floating through my brain since then.

    Clever way of putting your blocks together. I tend to avoid the QAYG process because I’m not a handwork person (I send most of my bindings out to be handsewn). Doing the three layers and then only having to deal with one? Much better than it could be -as you found out- and, depending on where the final stitching needed to be, might be machine-able.

    Is there physically a way to fold/put the last edge close enough to the block seam so that you could stitch in the ditch and make it look like you meant it to turn out that way?

    Oh! Oh! What if you made use of fusible thread in your bobbin somehow? Hmmm…


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