Spasms n repairs ..

A ll the sections that I have basted are now all freemotioned 😀 .. Now to do the straight stitching on it .. I swapped the feet out, but then my back started to spasm so that put that on the shelf for jut a bit ..

Since it’s Monday nite – I of course watched football. One of my tv hand work projects is repairing my 97 swap quilt. I was on a roll tonite 😀 .. I finished the one block that I had to replace all the white patches on, and a whole other block as well.

This block here has proved to be the most difficult to repair. You wouldn’t think so, but with all those corners and points meeting ..well, a meeting of the minds didn’t always happen .. and I lost a few (okay, several) points – when I originally did these blocks, I pressed to dark, well for 11 years the pieces have been in the position and not readily coming apart – but even with the missing points, I’m still pretty impressed with it .. and the border fabric has stretched out over the years – specially with the patches missing for several years as well. Mind you, the borders are fine – I am NOT replacing the borders too .. I don’t have any of this fabric left anymore

The remaining blocks are going to go very quickly. What I’m doing with those is taking up the middle block entirely and then frogging all the quilting on the QST units (well just as much as I need to do) and then I’m putting them all in with batting if needed, pinning the snot out them, and then stitching it all the way around in one shot as squares .. that’s the quick and easy part .. the hard part is taking out all those stitches without putting holes in the quilt (or me – been successful on no holes in the quilt .. but me – OUCH!) So there are only 4 more blocks like this one left to do and then I am done with repairing this quilt.

It’s been relatively easy, like I said, what takes the time (and a LOT of patience) and is the hard part, is taking out all the stitching ..

Now back my 1800 quilt .. I’ve trimmed one section and will trim maybe 1 or 2 more and then quilt up the blocks then stitch them together .. well at least I’ll try .. it’s when I completely bend over my back goes **ping I am going to try to get at least 2 of the sections together tonite.

Oh and yesterday I finished the quilt I did for my mystery 😀 .. binding is on and it’s all done and hanging up .. WOOO HOOO .. one thing off my project list 😉 Now THAT feels GREAT!


2 thoughts on “Spasms n repairs ..

  1. if the border seems big when you go to finish;
    try a gathering thread in that border to spread
    the fullness over the length of the peice and
    pin the thing to control it.


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