Best laid plans ..

I so wanted to be so much further today. It was to be our sew-in for our list. Seems there were sew-ins going on all over the web today.

My plan WAS to have all the freemotion quilting done for this quilt. But that isn’t going to quite happen. I wanted to do all the freemotion first because changing from freemotion quilting to striaght quilting on my 15-91 is just a bloody pain. I LOVE this machine for freemotion .. it’s a dream for it .. but oh my Lord, what a pain. On these machines, you couldn’t drop the feed dogs, so what do you do?? You cover them .. Me being a quilter and a great recycler, rescued a pizza box that destined for the recycle bin .. I cut the pieces I need from when needed and tack them down with scotch tape. It’s a great system and it works! Only drawback, covering and uncovering the dogs tends to wear on one a bit .. so that’s why I wanted to get ALL the freemotion (well maybe not the borders yet) done in one shot.

I did get quite a bit accomplished tho! I’ve the 1 completed section that I did before, 7 are basted and freemotion quilting done, 1 section needs to have the flannel pieced, and I’m one yard short (like I figured before) for the last section. But I do have enough backing, I’ll just have to piece the last section for that. What I’m going to try (operative word is TRY) is to piece the flannel like you would batting .. should be interesting and I think that it’ll be great if it works – I see no reason why it shouldn’t .. but that statement is just begging for trouble hehhe – So things are well on their way for this. Just not as far along as I would like to be.

I ran out of Sullivan’s tonite so that meant I had to go back to old school for basting. I don’t like Sullivan’s on the larger quilts at all, but for these smaller sections (bout 1 yard square), it’s just perfect. I’ve only had to do 2 sections that way. The first I did thread basting the Sharon Schamber way. I LOVE her method, but me and the threads .. not sure .. I can’t explain it, I’m actually struggling for some words here for it .. maybe it’s my comfort level?? You know what it might be – when you use pins there is a predefined space .. the size of your pin .. with threads that’s not the case and it’s not rigid. So in my mind, I’m guessing that I’m thinking it’s shifting etc – when in reality it’s not .. I’ll keep trying it, but I may not be able to overcome that .. I’m still going to use the rest of her method … just might have pins instead of thread.

Well tomorrow (today??) is another day – and it’s football time .. not sure what I’ll get done then – maybe my 97 swap quilt – I’ll work on that again ..

have fun!!


4 thoughts on “Best laid plans ..

  1. Hi Grace,

    I read with interest all your posts. (I am member of the quilters bee yahoo group).

    Regarding free motion with your (hereabove) machine… not only you have to cover the feed dog but you can as well put the lengh of stitching to ZERO, which makes the feed dogs not moving.

    I have heard that some well known quilters do some free motion quilting with the feed dogs NOT dropped, nor covered. I wonder how it works. I haven’t seen any books on that technique yet..




  2. Thanx Olga .. I did forget to mention that, but that is so automatic or me, I don’t even think of it 🙂

    I tried it ONCE .. that was enough … it was like fighting the quilt and they are bulky and heavy enough without having to do that



  3. Free motion quilting? Got me there, I do hand quilting and thread basting. Takes a bit longer, yeah, but I so admire the freemotion work! This quilt is shaping up nicely and is going to be a beauty when fisnished 🙂 and you are making great headway toward a finish!


  4. We interrupt this perfectly decent blog post to announce:

    Yo chica – the link from your old blog to this one is broken! It says httpp: rather than http:

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging…



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