Quilty Bits

I ‘ve gotten a few things done, but none I can show anyone yet .. There’s my top for Carmen’s Mystery and My Mystery. And since I’m concentrating on quilting, it just seems like there’s not so much forward progress – well as far as piecing goes, no .. there isn’t .. I’m quilting.

I can tell you bout my mystery .. hehehehehe .. now that was interesting to say the least .. I used my mystery as the model for the hanging sleeve tutorial and I was ohhh so careful to NOT show you much of the quilt so you couldn’t guess it. While I was doing the sleeve, I was thinking of the pics I needed to take, and wordage I was going to use, the steps to illustrate, taking notes while I was going along.

Things were GREAT – no issues after that one ripping out episode, and the binding is going on .. I’m being careful to make sure that the sleeve gets sewn in right with just the right amount of room. I had just taken the quilt off the machine and was going to join up my binding when I realized that I had sewn the binding to the BACK of the quilt .. oh jesusmaryjoseph that will not do!! My options – leave it, or rip it .. well I chose to rip it .. I was using dark for the binding and the next border was medium in colour. So, no matter how tiny I made my blindstitch, you would still see it against one or the other fabrics .. **sigh heh .. it prolly took me as long to rip it as it would take to hand sew it down! So out it came .. and of course no matter how careful you are, it distorts, But I got lucky and it wasn’t to bad. So, now the bindings on again and looks great with what I did with the borders. I plan to stitch it down watching football this Sunday 😀

The second section of my 1800 quilt is underway .. I’ve got the freemottion quilting done on it last nite and just have to ditch stitch around the blocks .. here’s a shot of the back of it .. I didn’t do so well with the freemotion continuous pattern and keeping it looking right, but i figure I got a whole quilt to do and I’m pretty close 🙂 It is quilting up VERY quickly and I look forward to getting all the sections done .. when I get this one and the next side section for this row, I think that I’m going to attach them together just to see how well it looks .. Since I’m not using sashings, I have a few adjustments to make. I won’t have the wider seam that you would with sashings, but the way I figure (if my math is right LMAO!!!! – ahem), then it won’t be any different than the amount of fabric you have when you sew down a binding – I plan to pin that so carefully in place, maybe baste it in, then machine stitch it down .. I would have a quilting line there anyways . so this should work.

So I might be in quilting mode which is good as I’ve got a few projects that need to get done – Kyle’s quilt (I NEED to find that backing material), my kitty quilt, our bed quilt, and the Michigan left (and I’ve figured out a quilting pattern now). As far as piecing goes, grans quilt, borders for my hopscotch quilt, grans, quilt and piecing the rhododendron WC quilt. Oh and I need to figure out how to quilt Carmen’s mystery quilt .. but I’m sure an idea with creep into my brain 🙂


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