so much for that plan ..

T here are days when germ infested children should be put in quarantine .. **sigh .. yup .. I can feel myself coming down with whatever is kicking around right now .. well before it mutates on the round trip at least. Soooo very little energy today .. and that feeling in your sinuses .. **sigh .. I do love my son .. honestly …

I didn’t touch the 1800 quilt today .. I was thinking that I could very quickly get my mystery quilted and ready for hand work for football ..

I do have a lot of fun planning the motifs and the final look, so that part was VERY enjoyable for me .. what followed not so much so .. I was using black material, black thread .. appliquilting a ‘thing’ down when I was almost done and realized that there was WHITE thread in my bobbin – I don’t care how perfect your tension is .. that is gonna leave a mark … I HATE frog stitching quilting .. I HATE it .. as a rule I never do it either . but this, I just couldn’t NOT do .. soooo .. by the time I was done ripping that mess out, I had had enough for the time being ..

I did get it right later, along with one quilt motif down .. and that’s it .. heh .. so much for my grandiose plans of having it done ..

But i might have beaten the battle of the ISP for now .. not the war … just this battle .. you never know what the future brings .. this could lead to a resolution .. gullible aren’t I???

I decided to see what my bounce history was like for my yahoo groups and was rather STUNNED

325 messages in the past month ..

I figured that I would set up another account to grab my list mail and I did, but when I tried to do it, my ISP (partnered with yahoo – Rogers Yahoo), took over my mail preferences and wouldn’t let me set the new email or delete another one ..

Rather than rip my hair out alone .. i called tech support .. why should I suffer by myself on THEIR issue ..

30 mins pass

I have an email ticket into rogers, they are going to unmerge my yahoo ID and my rogers account .. And hopefully get the bouncing issues sorted ..

I also noticed while on the phone I was only getting mail from one group .. And that group was set to my addy .. Soooo – I set all my groups to go to that email and they should all come in as that email isn’t bouncing ..

So a work around is in place until it’s fixed .. And I just might actually get some mail to read .. It’s been pretty quiet the past few days ..

Hopefully tomorrow I will get more accomplished .. paws crossed 😉


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