Section 1 all secured …

I never thought it would get to this point .. I really didn’t .. but it did and it’s here and going too 😉

WOOO HOOO I started to quilt on my 1800’s quilt 😀 **kittyhappydancing**

I was so happy and nervous to get this finally started .. i did my usual trick of printing the motif on paper and then ‘glueing’ to my quilt, but I was afraid of the stitches coming out when I removed the paper (or at least getting really loose, so I opted to draw them in .. that’s why you see orange marking on 2 of the ‘arms’ of the central motif.

When I first put it together I had excess ‘batting’ and backing. I quilted the center motif with it that way too. Then I was getting ready to start the sisters blocks and I remembered that the ‘batting’ needed to be 1/4″ less than the top and back. This is so that there would be no bulky seams when the sections were put together. I can’t exactly dovetail flannel, so I’m pretty happy that I remembered that. Otherwise I would have been pretty ticked when I got to that point.

Quilting with flannel as my batting was different but not earth shattering. It’s thinner than cotton batting and lighter .. MUCH lighter .. (I still used my gloves tho) But I didn’t get all the extra fluff that was mentioned. I’m going to hazard a guess that this is because it was between a top and back and the ‘fluff’ stayed inside. Which is great as I don’t have to stop and clean my machine all the time. Oh the gloves I use .. simple cotton gardening gloves with rubber dots on palm and finger parts. Cost me like $2 at the hardware store ..

I just outlined of the star in the sisters blocks and then went around the edges of the sister’s blocks as well – nothing fancy or earth shattering .. other than the fact that it’s FINALLY underway!!!!

Not sure how well you can see this, but you might be able to pick up some of the detail from the center motif.

I’m so happy to finally have this started. My shoulders are tight and I need to stretch them out a bit, but I’ve not really quilted anything ‘large’ since I did Reg’s quilt .. all the other things I have done have been my small quiltlets and wallhangings. So I guess I just need to get my quilting muscles back in shape .. Lord knows there’s a few projects waiting to get done, and with the weather chilling now, these quilts might be WANTED. One is a quilt for kyle’s bed, another is my kitty quilt, and then there’s this quilt and of course a winter quilt for our bed.

So many quilts, so little time 😀


3 thoughts on “Section 1 all secured …

  1. It looks great Grace, glad the flannel is working for you. I’m using a lower loft cotton today than my usual Hobbs 80/20. Are you liking the amount of stitch definition you’re getting? I tend to prefer my 80/20 because I get more definition.


  2. I am really glad to run into this. I am also interested in quilt as you go and don’t know where to look for more info. Your quilt looks great and I do mean that. Love your web site.


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