Orion’s Jewelled Eye – Retake

I managed a better pic of this abstract, but it’s VERY dark this time .. altho the good thing is, you can now see the detail in the button that made me think moon and radiating ‘glow’ .. but the red purple is now visible which I so wanted to show you .. will still try for one in daylight / sunlight ..

LOL .. and it is NOT the wrinkly .. the light was infront / above the piece .. sooo it really showed in DIRECT relief everything .. heh .. maybe I shouldn’t post this as it shows all the uglies now LOLOLOL


3 thoughts on “Orion’s Jewelled Eye – Retake

  1. Beautiful. What’s the wispy looking stuff, top stitching or lace? It’s very interesting. The glitz on the borders is pretty too.


  2. No uglies there! I love the texture and shadows which this light shows — we know it’s exagerated light which is needed to show it off for a pic. Now that I see the moon button, I like it even more. It’s sky, but it’s also saying ocean to me, with motion of sea creatures floating by. Are you sure this is using that bunchie bits of waste threads off the dryer prewash?? Like it lots.


  3. Wow Grace. It is even more beautiful than before. I didn’t think that could happen. Are you sure you are new at abstract? You are a natural. Blessings and keep up the good work friend.


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